early morning

“i love mornings,” tad said as he yawned uncontrollably.

ya gotta be careful when ya yawn under water. if you swallow wrong, it feels bad for your stomach. not many people know this about tadpoles.

“morning are just great. the water is cool. and the sun is kinda pinkish red some mornings,” tad muses. “i just love mornings.”

tad does his haPPy dance

on the mornings with the pinkish red sun, tad does his special haPPy dance. while his sleek tail turns from orange to bright red in the water. actually, he does this because he IS so happy. and because poLLie is watching.

but mainly because poLLie is watching.

the double tail whip

and dancing is the one thing that tad does really well. and he’s not afraid to do. tad does a special double-whip with his tail that poLLie really likes.

this fast double-whip is something other tadpoles can’t do. and makes tad feel special. to poLLie, the tail whip is just tad and cute because tad does it.

tad feels different

yeah, the double tail whip. that’s what makes tad different from all the rest. special. tad has never seen any one else do it as quickly as he does it.

tad always feels different. but tad seldom feels special.

poLLie really likes tad’s double tail whip.

and tad likes that poLLie likes it.

tad feels strange and tingly about poLLie.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *