late at night

late at night is scary, very scary.

I know that the night monsters come to feed. to eat things smaller than them. smaller things like me. I just know this.

it’s dark. and i can’t see things in the water.

just disappear in the night

and the next morning, i can’t find some of my friends. they’re gone, just gone.

and no one even says “good bye” before they leave.

they just disappear in the night.

and some nights i bump into something that is big, huge. moving very slowly. i don’t know if this thing is alive. or just a thing – like part of a big tree – in the swamp. but it always seems to be moving slowly.

with purpose. like it is stalking something.

one more reason to be scared

I feel like this “something” is watching me. something that I can’t even see. just one more reason that I live scared.

fear of change
just living scared