i’m so afraid

“wow !!! i am so afraid.” TAD’s mind was buzzing, but he didn’t know why.

TAD knew his name, but he didn’t know how he knew.

after all, TAD was just born. “born? what’s that?”

and TAD knew he couldn’t find his parents.

“but what are parents?” he queried in his little tadpole mind.

TAD knew so much, but…

TAD seemed to know so much, but TAD knew so little.

fear of change
where are my parents ?

TAD knew he should have parents, but he didn’t know why.

scariest day of my life

“this is the scariest day of my life! and it’s the FIRST day of my life,” TAD half screamed out loud.

“where are my parents? where are my parents?” TAD kept crying.

it’s ok. it’s gonna be alright.” TAD thought he heard this in his brain. but he whiPPed his tail. and turned to see the first living being in his life. it was another swimmer like him.

overcoming fears
she is cute. but who is she?

she was kinda cute. but how did he know that “she is a she.”

and “he is a he.” how did TAD know all of this?

I guess tadpoles know. they just know.

tad knew so little

TAD seemed to know so much, but really he knew so little.

“boy. is she ever cute. so very cute,” tad gurgled under the water.

i wonder what her name is?

and how do I find the courage to say “hello?”

TAD was so afraid. he kept asking himself the same questions over and over again.

where is my mommy?

why am I here? in this wet place?

TAD was overwhelmed with questions. and fear.

“where do i go? what do i do now?” TAD’s brain was buzzing.

so many questions TAD needed to answer.

and he wanted all of his answers right now.

would TAD have the courage to say “hello” to that cute girl swimmer?

just the thought of talking to her scared him.

“where is my mommy? i want my mommy” TAD was screaming.

next chapter – TAD does his special “double tail whip” for his little girl swimmer friend

beLLa and hOPe, and evelyn, what’s a “double tail whip?”

<< end of chapter >>

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