tadpoles just know

tadpoles know…

tadpoles just know. tadpoles know when it is time to change.

this is a story about tadpoles. written for little (and big) people who – just like tadpoles – know they must change. but are afraid of change.

scared and brave tadpoles like beLLa and hOPe. and evelyn. and dAVid and…

soPHia and kurt and…

first – a life of fear

tadpoles lead a life of fear and confusion for the first part of their lives. because of not knowing.

you’d be afraid, too. if you couldn’t find your parents. and you couldn’t even find ONE ADULT tadpole. not one. pretty scary, huh?

‘cuz when tadpoles get older, they just seem to… disappear.

what happens to them?

follow poLLie and TAD to learn more.

fear, then change

there is nothing but confusion and fear the first part of your life as a tadpole (a swimmer) but later. tadpoles know it is time for change. scary change.

TAD is a swimmer who shares the swamp with other swimmers and some hoppers. one group of hoppers is especially scary – called the buLLy hoppers. because of their loud noises at night. 

sometimes the hoppers even keep the swimmers awake at night with their loud noises.

tadpoles don’t know yet that they will go from being water-breathers to air-breathers. and then become hoppers.

hoppers are those creatures who keep the swimmers awake at night with their loud noises – croaking all night long.

just like hippos do in africa

so tadpoles are gonna change from swimmers to hoppers. from water-breathers to air-breathers. but tadpoles don’t know this yet.

but, maybe? just maybe? this change will be good for them.

this is a story for little (and big) people who know they must change. but are afraid of change.

they SHOULD change

and, besides tadpoles, this is a story for some big people who know they SHOULD change. but they are still afraid. these big people are just as afraid as the little people.

the big people just hide their “afraid-ness” better. and sometimes when they keep their fears inside, they get angry.

come with me. while we get to follow TAD and poLLie as their world changes around them. changes rapidly. they’re afraid, but they know they must change. with their world.

or not change. and just be scared and angry the rest of their lives.

in the end, poLLie convinces TAD that change may be good

poLLie shows TAD that some scary people may be his friends. 

fear of change
watch tad try to be brave

watch TAD as he tries to be brave for his girlfriend, poLLie.

listen to poLLie as she encourages a frightened little TADpole trying to be brave.

overcoming fears
listen to poLLie encourage tad

TAD meets the scary buLLy

poLLie convinces TAD that some scary people may be his friends. 

poLLies just wants TAD to become the hopper she knows he can be.

poLLie must encourage tad because he is so frightened. especially when TAD meets the very loud and scary donald (one of the hoppers) for the first time – the big frog who bullied (not really – but that’s the story the fearful swimmers and hoppers are told to believe).

who bullied his way to become the leader of the whole pond and the leader of the big scary buLLy frogs.

eventually this very scary buLLy frog guides TAD (and other swimmers) to accept change. change that helps them. that helps their swamp.

an even more scary thing

and another even more scary thing is happening. slowly. but it is still happening. every day. this is big. EVERYbody is talking about it.

all of TAD’s friends are saying their water is shrinking. less water every day. more tadpoles and less room to live. and less food to eat.

follow poLLie and TAD. as they change from water-breathers to air-breathers.

can poLLie help TAD to change?

  • will TAD be able to change in time?
  • to become the tadpole he knows he should be?
  • in time to do something about the shrinking water?
  • in time to save the swamp?

change is scary

did you know that change is scary
did you know that change is scary

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