real men still pray

did you know that real men still pray? 

Let me tell you a story about real men who pray.

It starts with a noon 12 step meeting. You know – AA, NA, and all of the other Addictions Anonymous.

i went to a 12 step meeting today. and…

the topic in the noon 12 step meeting was …

“How do I stay sane and sober in the middle of a crisis?”

This is a topic for discussion for the whole world today.

I put this topic on the table for discussion.
“How do I remain sober during a crisis ?”
If sobriety is not your personal challenge.
Maybe emotional sanity is your challenge.
Then how about …
“How do I remain SANE during a crisis ?”

Of course, when you put a topic like this on the table for discussion, people are quick to respond…

  • with advice,
  • with their personal “how-to” list.
  • and stories of their many struggles.
People share their current struggles and numerous family crises.
Immediately, you know that you are not alone in this world.
There is some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

you think you are alone.

Yes, you think you are alone.
But. You’re not.
Here’s the bottom line answer to your crisis.
Here’s the bottom line response to your cry for help.

yes real men still pray
yes. real men still pray.

at the meeting…

the overwhelming response was…

The overwhelming response from almost EVERYone was: prayer !!!
That’s right.
  • In a room full of different ages.
  • And many different cultures and languages.
  • In a room full of people – many who would never recommend a church.
  • But they did agree on one thing.
  • They agreed on one common solution to a crisis in their lives.
The overwhelming response was: prayer. 

my sad reality

My sad and shocking realization was … (Arrgh !)
It was…
It was that I need a crisis. To see something so simple. 
That I need to go to a 12 step meeting to refresh the connection with my God (or higher power – you pick the term that works for you).
That I need a crisis to bring me back to prayer.

my first choice, not my last resort

Some day – when I am more mature and grow wiser – maybe I will use prayer as my FIRST CHOICE .

without ceasing. never stop. yes.

Pray. Without ceasing.
And then follow your prayer with SANE actions.
  • Sometimes the best action is no action.
  • Just patience. Listen.
  • Patiently waiting for an answer. (I don’t do this very well.)
  • Create some “God Space” – (some quiet space for God to work)
  • Pray and wait patiently.
  • And spend less less time groveling and self-loathing.
  • Spend less time in meaningless activity that makes you feel good.
  • Click this link for some sanity using prayer. – Philippians 4: 6 – 9
  • At the bottom, ya gotta read these verses in Hawai’i Pidgin. It’s refreshing.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

here’s a sample of Hawai’i Pidgin
  • no worry bout notting.
  • god gonna make you hearts rest.
  • god gonna take care yoa hearts and yoa heads.
  • stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ. – philippians

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

instead of worry, pray.

  • And don’t forget the actions.
  • Do the next right thing.
  • One foot in front of the other.
  • One step at a time.
  • One day at a time.
  • One right action at a time.

always 5 bars strong

Prayer is always 5 bars strong
prayer is always 5 bars strong

prayer. it’s free.

Always available.
Online 24/7…
  • No down time for maintenance and technical updates.
  • The wi-fi connection is always strong.
  • Always 5 bars strong.
  • Not a weak one bar signal.
  • No annoying disconnects.

get the unlimited data plan.

You don’t need to wait while your prayer app
  • downloads
  • updates and
  • installs.
  • And you don’t use any data from your mobile plan.
  • No annoying 2 year contracts.
  • Renew your prayer contract EVERY day. Your choice.
  • Get the FREE unlimited data plan.
  • Always 5 bars strong. Guaranteed. 

prayer. it’s free and easy.

That’s probably why I don’t use it often enough.
I want complicated and expensive. My way.
Why not try a simpler way?

yes. real men still pray.

in 12 step meetings.

and outside of 12 step meetings.


yes real men still pray

Real men still pray. 

How bout you?

Hawai‘i Pidgin version of Philippians 4:6 – 9
  • no worry bout notting.
  • god gonna make you hearts rest.
  • god gonna take care yoa hearts and yoa heads.
  • stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ.

Fo Da Philippi Peopo 4:6-9

Eh, no worry bout notting! Mo betta, everyting dat happen, pray bout um, an aks God fo do wateva you guys like him fo do. An same time, no foget tell him, “Mahalo plenny!”

Den, God goin make you guys hearts rest inside. Dat goin be mo betta den anybody can figga. God goin take care yoa hearts an yoa heads, cuz you guys stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ.

So den, tink bout all dese kine stuffs —

  • wateva stay true,
  • wateva get respeck,
  • wateva stay right,
  • wateva no stay pilau,
  • whoeva you get aloha fo,
  • wateva you talk good bout,
  • wateva da bestes kine,
  • weneva peopo can say, “Dass good!”

— tink everytime bout all dat kine stuff.

Everyting you guys wen learn from me, everyting I wen give you guys, everyting you wen see an hear wen I was wit you guys — go do um! Den, da God dat can make you guys hearts rest inside, he goin stay wit you guys.

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*  *  *  *  *  *  *

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