One to One

One to One

At One to One, we start with the four major questions of life.  And it’s very, very private. It’s just you and me. That’s why we are called One to One.

We are changing the world. For good. One person at a time. Starting with just you and me. That’s One to One. (formerly called PowerPoint Ministries – PPM. No, we have not yet changed our name. Not yet.)

what is medicare
we talk about the major questions of life

We are a band of fearless men and women who believe that – yes, you –  you CAN change the world. For good. Starting with your world. One person at a time.

We are changing the world. For good. One person at a time. One to One.

This is our mission. Our passion.

Changing the world for good. Starting with you and me. Just the way it all started. About 2,000 years ago.

How do we change the world?

One person at a time. Intentionally.

And just one step at a time.

All you need to know. And all you need to do is “take the next step.”

Just follow your trainer. The person that brought you to this website. (Don’t have one. We’ll get you one.)

Even though these steps are numbered. You can start with any question you choose. Start with the question that is on your mind right now.

These four questions are:

(1) – Who’s your daddy? [quick link to page]

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

(2) – Who am I? Really?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

(3) – What am I doing here?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

(4) – Where do I go from here?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Pick the question that is on your mind.

  • Click it.
  • Start reading.
  • Save this page to the home screen on your phone.
  • Now text your trainer.
  • Schedule a time.
  • Meet with your trainer weekly.

This is how it works.

Simple. Just make a commitment to be there for every meeting. With your trainer. And be consistent in your reading and note taking.

How long does this process take?

Depends on you. And the amount of time it takes for you to finish does NOT matter. This is not a timed process. Life is a marathon. So there’s no reason to sprint today.

Pick it. And click it.

Now. Read the four questions again. Find one. Pick it. And click it.

The four questions are:

(1) – Who’s your daddy? [quick link to page]

(2) – Who am I? Really?

(3) – What am I doing here?

(4) – Where do I go from here?

And start. Right now.

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We are “under construction” and building as fast as we can. There is more to come. And you’re really gonna like it.

patience - under construction
patience – under construction

Below is ONLY for the courageous.

Do you wanna be a beta-tester?

do ya have the courage?

You can help to change the world even faster by being one of our beta-testers. Just ask. We’ll probably say yes.

Your job is…

As a beta-tester, your job is. To use this current format (and don’t complain). Make suggestions. Be nice.

We believe that One to One being available on a mobile app creates the best delivery system for you. So…

Think. How do you read on your mobile devices?

what is medicare
share your ideas
  • Do you want note-taking capabilities?
  • And with book-marking capabilities?
  • Able to highlight and review favorite places?
  • And able to share via Twitter?
  • Bookmarks? So that the app will take you immediately to the place where you finished your last session?

And imagine if all of your notes and bookmarks were auto-synced on each device. So you could read from your phone at Panera Bread during the day.

And read again on your tablet at night. Without losing your place or your notes. Because all your devices are automatically synced with each other. For the ultimate experience of accessibility.

And what if you could share?

What if you could share across all media?

What if…

  • You had the ability to share to all social media quickly?
  • Share tweetable moments?
  • Share via email?
  • Cut and paste to your emails, Facebook, or blog?
  • Think of more “what ifs?”

This is our dream for you and One to One. As our “resources” make this possible. When we say “resources,” we are referring to the time, technology, money and great ideas from helpful beta-testers. Like you.

In the meantime, One to One resources will be available via this web page.

And we will listen and improve.

We will listen and continually improve. Improve the readability, images, and links. Using your ideas. To give you what you want. In the format you like.

For our development jedi ONLY

Daniel Jedi Squire in Training
development jedi? or development ninja? you choose.

(1) – The “parent” page is titled, “One to One.” This is the parent page and will list all four questions with links directly to a separate page (child page) for each question.

(2) – The “child” pages are “Questions 1 – 4.” Each question page will link to all other question pages. And include a link back to the parent / introductory page.

(3) – The last page after question #4 is titled, “For Beta Testers ONLY.” Showing different font sizes and styles. And some discussion about the reasoning for the choices. And a link to EVERnote. Which includes ideas for the ideal mobile app for One to One.

(4) – Here is bonus information for our development jedis and ninjas. This is the link to the original EVERnote ideas about bringing this material to your mobile device. Click here. Warning: This info is raw and only lightly edited from the original Evernote version dated 2106/04/25. Including original notes about font sizes and styles and images and more. Intentionally designed to illicit your comments and suggestions.

Notes to da webmaster:

  • greek for “one to one”
  • “ena pros ena”
  • next step – separate page for question #1 – no time for rest
  • have question #1 (who’s your daddy? ) completed for tim barber
  • create a duplicable template for question pages
  • each page needs quick intro and explanation about how to use
  • so that each questions page can be self-sustaining
  • the “kindle-like” features need to be explained better
  • explain these features to meet Geoffrey’s level of app understanding

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