my story? your story?

my story? your story?

you know ALL THOSE THINGS you wanted to do. you should GO DO them. 

just do them. all those things YOU SAID you were going to do. 

besides, you don’t get outta bed at 0424 just to fail. 

win the hour. win the day.

win the battle. win the war. 

when is the last time you swam with sharks?

or have you never been up close and personal” with a shark?

have you EVER been free diving? like in this picture?

are you fit(bit) enough to do this?

when is the last time ?

when is the last time you’ve been kitesurfing in the ocean?

or have you never been kitesurfing? not at all? that’s sad.

all of my answers to these questions are very sad.

remember all of those things i said i was gonna do, i need to go do them. 

I had this crazy idea one morning.

it all started one morning (2107/02/02 @ approximately 09:17:28 a.m. ET – yes, i’m a proud analytical) with this crazy idea. kinda weird. but kinda comfortable. and then the rest felt like a story. like a dream. but it was real. i think. you decide.

join me as I write my story. in advance.

the idea: why not write my story? IN ADVANCE?

i had this idea. like a movie idea. why not write my story like a crazy action-packed tom cruse “mission impossible” movie? complete with the cool cars and fascinating women (and men). why not write “my story” in advance. like writing my memoirs in advance.

why not write your memoirs in advance?

and then live them. live all of these adventures. AFTER you write them. but do the writing today. and let the ideas pull you into the future. pull you into your story.

many successful people use this strategy. dreamers and inventors. business people. creative thinkers and entrepreneurs us this strategy of dreaming of their adventures. in advance. 

why not?

you hear about an idea like this. sometimes in the movies. or in a science fiction book. sounds crazy. but why not?

if my imagination is vivid enough? if my faith is strong enough? this might work. after all, i’m in the 4th quarter of my life. and – if someone is keeping score (and barring any miracle plays) – i’m gonna lose this game of life.

so why not take some risks?

Zero Fear
nothing to lose

why can’t everyday be an adventure?

why not look stupid in the process? who cares?

and what if?

what if? what if I wrote my story in advance? and this story (through some extreme level of creative imagination and faith. and belief) created a magical portal which pulled me through this time-space continuum into the future. a future that I had already created by my imagination and writing. 

and working like my hair is on fire.

hey, it happens for some people. why not me? and why not you? do you have this level of craziness inside of you?

richard branson

creating a real, not fictional, self-fulfilling prophecy. crazy? right! but possible. and, maybe, the reality could become greater, more exciting, than the fiction!

some people have actually lived lives that seem unreal. for example, sir richard branson. he has actually purchased a “fantasy island” called necker island. when he actually was several million dollars short of the asking price. click it to see that it is real.

necker island

necker island. wow, just wow. you must click one the links and watch one of the videos.

and you must hear the story of how he purchased it.

necker island sir richard branson
necker island

here’s the short version of this fantasy story. richard branson first visited necker island in 1978. and had a vision. here’s the video story of necker island. it doesn’t seem real, but it is. the idea of necker island needed to exist in richard branson’s mind before it became a reality. so maybe a vivid imagination can create your reality? it worked for richard branson. why not for you?

only $180,000 (or $120,000 ?)

here’s the short story.

to impress his girlfriend, joanne, richard branson pretended he wanted to buy an island. so richard, at the expense of an estate agent, travelled via helicopter visiting the british virgin islands. looking at islands for sale. richard made an offer of $100,000 for a $6 million island owned by lord cobham. the estate agent was insulted by his meager offer and abruptly escorted Richard back to the mainland. one year later, lord cobham, urgently in need of cash, settled for $180,000 (or $120,000 – i’m not sure) – versus the original 6 million dollar asking price. richard, at age 28, now owned necker island. WOWzer!

richard dreamed it. visualized it. took action. and his dream became his reality.

only $80,000

it then took three years and $10 million to transform necker island into a private island retreat. today you can rent the entire island…

for a mere $80,000…

per day.

but this will accommodate your whole family. the island comfortably sleeps 34 adults. for a mere $80,000 per day. starting with a dream.

virgin limited edition

and now this one idea has grown into a collection of dream vacation destinations called virgin limited edition. click the link and enjoy. with 10 (?) locations around the world.

as you view each unique location, you realize how powerful dreams can be.

why would we leave all of this dreaming to just the rich people? surely rich people had these dreams BEFORE they became rich?

so that’s why i’m asking you to write your story. in advance. like dreaming. but taking actions to create your new reality.

maybe because of their (rich people) vivid imaginations, their dreams became reality? maybe their vivid stories became their reality because they were so vivid. so real.

is this fiction? or is this real?
Zero Fear
do not listen to your haters

how can you tell? really?

as we write this story in advance. ask yourself, is this your story?

can you write your story as I write mine? do you want this to be your story?

let’s write a story using StoryBrand

let’s take a break here to see how one writes a story that will intrigue others. introducing StoryBrand by donald miller.

how to write a story using StoryBrand

(1) a character (2) with a problem (3) meets a guide (4) who understands their fears and (5) who creates a plan (6) that calls the character to action (7) which results in success or (8) which results in failure.

[note: somewhere in this area would be the place for a short vid clip of single pack viagra. because these viagra vids so vividly demonstrate storybrand]

notice that all (almost all – at least, those stories that get results) stories. and commercials follow this StoryBrand format. I keep the StoryBrand format visible at all times when I write. here’s a picture of the wall near my writing area.

how to write a StoryBrand

here is StoryBrand.

  • (1) a character
  • (2) with a problem
  • (3) meets a guide
  • (4) who understands their fears and
  • (5) who creates a plan
  • (6) that calls the character to action
  • (7) which results in success/comedy or
  • (8) which results in failure/tragedy.

yes, i had this crazy idea one morning.

  • I didn’t like how my life was going.
  • that became my motivation for re-writing my life.
  • or, at least, writing the 4th quarter of my life story.
  • I want to swim with the sharks.
  • spend a week on necker island.
  • visit all of richard branson’s  virgin limited edition locations.
  • treat all of my children and grandchildren for one week on necker island.
  • and go kite surfing. and more. much more. so …
  • so why not? write my story in advance.
  • why don’t you write YOUR story in advance?

and then dream it. live it.

dream it vividly. write it in detail. live it.

and live it biGGer than you dreamt it.

hmmm? i think i will. why not?

how ’bout you?

and show others how to do the same.

  • dream.
  • work.
  • make your dream happen.
  • dream some more.
  • work some more.
  • make your dream happen. some more.
  • teach others how to dream, work and make it happen.
  • and the work vehicle, the dream-maker is… (?)
  • hmmm? what is your dream-making vehicle?
so why not? write my story in advance?

write my memoirs in advance – and create a self fulfilling prophecy.

bucket list ? nah !

there’s got to be a better name than bucket list.

maybe 4th quarter adventures? 3rd quarter adventures?

write. in advance. write about my body transformation, my self-image change, my successful writing career. my adventures with friends and children and grandchildren. adventures that some people call their “bucket list,” but i’d rather call these – my 4th quarter adventures – where I take more personal risks – because i’m in the 4th quarter. and the game clock is tick-tock-ing.

running your hill – called work

here are some quick thoughts on the unglamorous part called work. grinding every day. or “running your hill” every day. no applause. no audience. no trophy. just work. just grinding, sweating. up at 4:30 a.m., grinding at 6:00 a.m. EVERY day.

getting to bed on time. to make 0430 worth it.

dropping those negative, time-wasting habits. like Netflix. and video games. all done in front of your “fat screen.”

but even grinding can be fun, if ya let it.

what’s your hill?

  • is it physical?
  • emotional?
  • activities like appointments?
  • # of phone calls to make?
  • # of listings per week?
  • # of samples given?
  • # of online connections per day?

embrace your hill

everybody wants to be a beast. until it’s time to do what beasts do.

everyone wants to have their own highlight video – that incredible 16 seconds of glory – but no one wants to run the hill everyday after practice. no one wants to grind. with no applause – just the sound of your footsteps and your labored breathing. and a screaming coach inside of your head.

or the blank page…

…page of nothingness staring at you at 6:00 a.m. – it’s silent. too silent. but ya put your butt in the seat anyway. and write 500 words everyday. regardless. everyday. regardless. ya grind. while others sleep. this is not a glamorous highlight moment. no trophy. no applause. no “likes” on facebook to encourage you. for your great quote and picture. just grinding everyday. while others sleep.

everyday at 4:24 a.m. – the start of my hill

everybody wants to be a beast. until it’s time to do what beasts do. everyday at 4:24 a.m. what’s your hill? what’s your grind?

can you embrace “your hill” rather than despise it? love it instead. not curse it. because it gets you where from where you are to where you want to be?

ya gotta grind everyday.

ya gotta run your hill everyday.

[grinding – your hill]

now two short paragraphs – about the new england patriots and walter payton.

[then ya gotta run the hill EVERY day.] – like the new england patriots

walter payton – link:

ya gotta grind

everyone has their personal hill to run. their grind everyday. when you’re grinding, there is no room for whiners. no comfort dogs here. no safe places. no bubble wrap to protect your feelings.

if ya wanna win, ya gotta grind.

now more adventure stories

write about my adventures in tanzania with jon weiss.

write about my joy in building schools all across tanzania for 10 years. from 2017 through 2027.

marla wants to write. show her how to write.

show marla how the passion of her story will pull her through a “portal of life” – like a science fiction movie.

making the work less like work. and more like a story in a movie.

august – it wasn’t easy

swimming with the sharks

with brad and ely. it wasn’t as easy as it looks on t.v.

because when you are in the water with the sharks, it is real.

the risk is real. and it is yours. not someone else’s risk. and ely, my grandson, is now at risk. and i don’t want ely and me to die inside a shark cage.

but the adrenaline rush can not be described adequately. when you are inches away from a 22-ft great white shark with battle scars on her face and sides. and some pieces missing from its tail. you can only imagine the epic battles and enemy wariors that caused those scars and missing pieces of shark flesh.

and the only thing that separates you from this mammoth beast are thing pieces of metal in an open cage. and you hope that your camera man can capture the thrill, the rush, the real excitement of this event.

and i’m wondering if i would have the courage to exit this protective cage and face the beast eyeball to beady eyeball. probably not. i think i’m wetting myself inside my wet suit as this beast swims, circles his potential meal and stares. and imagines us as his next entrée of raw meat. a kinda “human sushi for sharks.” 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

time: one month from now

winning the hour. one hour at a time. one day at a time.

daily. winning battles to win the war.

focus on the one thing - the process
the magic is in the process

win this hour. only this hour. 

the magic is in the process. listen to your FitBit. and “win the hour.”

my fitbit buzzed at 0650 a.m. to remind me to walk. and said to me, “win the hour. get off your fat butt. and walk.” so i did. i did get off my fat butt. and won that hour.

winning the hour

  • win the hour.
  • win the day.
  • win the week.
  • win the month.
  • and so on and so on.
  • rinse and repeat.
  • win the hour. again.

win the battle. win the war

win the hour. and win the battle. win any battle by just winning the hour. winning this hour. right now. win this hour. the ONLY hour that you have. right now.

the only hour that matters is this hour. win this hour.

focus on winning this hour. ONLY.

focus on the process. just the process of winning this hour.

and the results will take care of themselves.

you know ALL THOSE THINGS you wanted to do. you should GO DO them. 

just do them. all those things YOU SAID you were going to do. 

besides, i don’t get outta bed at 0424 just to fail. 

staying in storybrand mode

(1) a character (2) with a problem (3) meets a guide (4) who understands their fears and (5) who creates a plan (6) that calls the character to action (7) which results in success or (8) which results in failure.

StoryBrand – (7) which results in success/comedy, or (8) failure/tragedy.

one month from now – end of march – or april 09, 2017. what evz? and 37 pounds lighter. holy shit-meisters !!! I dropped from 247.2 to 210.2 and everyone said, “wowzer!” getting very close to that impenetrable barrier of 200 pounds. that sub-4 minute mile barrier. 

remember the first sub 4-minute mile?

it was impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes. physiologically impossible. until someone did it. remember, impossible is just a big word used by small people.

personal and private notes for webmaster

(1) – [parts of this post need to be written in greater detail. and  are suitable for facebook LIVE vids.] and this post needs to be organized in a logical and chronological order. 

(2) – [detailed story of first sub-4 minute mile here. and all of the sub-4 minutes miles run immediately after that  first historic sub-4 minute mile. and a story about re-usable rockets by elon musk. at space-x. and things that couldn’t be done that were done. done by a dreamer and a doer.]

(3) – let me tell you about amazon in 1995. BEFORE amazon was launched in 1997. or as we called it “office santa.” dreamers who did not actualize their dreams. 

(4) – ‘nother idea for facebook live vids – all of the opportunities i missed because i was not ready. or because i did not see them. for example, amazon, mci, mcdonald’s, yearbook directory service, “geez louise,” al and al’s small town junk stores. fizzies. a mink farm. not afraid to try. not afraid to fail. ya get lucky when opportunity meets preparation. when you are in motion. 

(5)win the hour. win the day. win the battle. win the war. what about a series of “winning” topics suitable for blogposts, facebook live videos, mailchimps. and more. just re-purpose quality content. where ya get to restart every hour. every hour can be an epic win. and if you fail during one hour, you get to restart the next hour. 

win the hour. one hour at a time. 

I created the “Ely’s Temple of Pain” in the garage for Ely. and friends. jose bought a weight bench. but it has become an inspirational place for me. at 0429 in the morning. “ely’s temple of pain” feels invigorating every morning. 

besides, ya don’t get outta bed at 0424 just to fail. 

just become a slave to gOOd habits. win the hour. become a slave to good habits. intentionally. habits that you have picked. for a purpose. and for change everyday. by winning the hour. winning the day.

wow. just wow! I am walking daily, 6 times per day as scheduled in the morning, walking with my ankle weights, daily. and have lost 30 + pounds already. wowzer! and writing, and writing, blogging, writing tadpole, writing for One to One (PowerPoint Ministries). and creating and crafting content for facebook LIVE videos. and re-purposing content for multiple uses. posting mini-blogs on facebook using my existing content. mainly with positive reviews and a few haters. my subscriber list is now at 100+. wowzer!

i love it when haters leave

and the right people have un-subscribed from my blog. praise god in all things. i love to see my haters leave. this creates great karma for me. and for others. for supporters. and creates space for me. 

haters leave and create space for new partners. 

becoming subconscious and easy

my hangry beast is slowly leaving and fighting me less. going somewhere else, i guess.

my new structured (to the extreme in the a.m.) schedule and lifestyle changes with eating and exercise are becoming easily routine and emotionally acceptable. no more agonizing over food choices and my exercise routine. just doing it. i have planned a 5K race. and i will be able to walk / run this 3.1 miles. with ease.

i burned ’em – all of them 

[idea: vid – facebook live vid of burning ceremony. with witnesses. and fanfare.] 

i converted from wearing 2XL shirts to only 1XL shirts. all the 2XL’s are in the trash. actually i burned ’em. all of them. fun. it was ceremonial. it was a facebook LIVE burning ceremony. it was a significant time stamp in my life.

and, i’m creating and posting one Facebook LIVE video per week. sometimes two. and i have a few haters here. which feels really, really good.  haters gonna hate. and i will praise god in all things.

haters let you know you are doing something noticeable. 

actually, I like my haters. they tell me things I otherwise could not hear. paying attention to my critics just like Michael Jordan paid attention to his critics – his critical sports writers. Michael Jordan studied what his critics had to say. to improve the weak parts of his game.  micheal jordan learned about his complete game from his critics. and became better every game.

with championship rings and mvp trophies to prove it. 

let your haters hate. that’s what they do.

that’s all they do.

do your talking on the scoreboard.

do your talking with championship rings. 

and with multi-million dollar bonuses. 

and let your haters hate. that’s what they do.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

2017/03/15 – wednesday – end wEEk 01

[note: copy/paste and make this a separate (and standalone) blogpost to link to facebook. and link the blogpost back to this page – my story / your story]

changes are working

weight today: 239.4 pounds. down from 247.2 last wednesday, 2017/03/08. that’s down 7.8 pounds in just seven days. due to some significant lifestyle changes. in just one week. but it feels goods to have such a positive start. no fat boy pictures yet. i’m just too embarrassed (BMI = obese) and too proud to take and to post those revealing pictures. but i do have images of the bathrooms scales. [soon to be posted – they are still on my phone.]

changes are working

for me and for those interested, i want to remind myself and to tell you about the most significant and the most challenging changes i have made.

i use a complete system that integrates lifestyle changes. keep reading. here’s a detailed explanation of my first week of change.

the significant and the challenging

(1) – coffee / my most obvious addiction

i drink (used to drink) a lot of coffee and always with cream and sugar. i have (used to have) a cup of coffee in my hands from 6:00 a.m. til 1:30 p.m. and always with cream and sugar in it. so i quit drinking hot coffee and drink a little iced coffee with no additives. but no more hot coffee with cream and sugar. this was really, really difficult. 

(2) – eating in bed / sleep hygiene 

eating in bed – i snack (used to snack -pretzels, crackers, and other junk food) in bed every night while watching useless mind-numbing netflix videos (zombies, house of cards, action thrillers, you know the drill). on my tablet.

now my snacks are dried fruits and nuts. and much less. while i watch ted talks. or some other selected sermons/messages, motivational and educational. but mainly ted talks (listening to innovative ideas presented by the thought leaders of the world). to feed my mind and to grow my intellect. no more useless consumption of violence and stories about evil villains.

this change from mental junk food to feeding my intellect has changed my thinking and my sleep significantly. my sleep seems better. i mean more restful. and my dreaming is pretty creative. this is a massive change inside of my brain.

so actually there are two significant changes here. (1) eliminating junk food at the worst time possible and (2) introducing quality brain food every night. 

both changes improved my sleep hygiene. which is critical to any life changes. 

(3) – exercise

exercise – thanks to my daughter, libby, i have a fitbit. and i walk a minimum of 8,000 steps per day. i set my fitbit to buzz me at 10 minutes til the hour starting at 6:50 a.m. til 11:50 a.m. and i walk 1,000 steps each time. so by noon, i usually have walked 6,000 steps or more. now walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. it was a challenge to start since i had a total hip replacement recently. before my hip replacement i was forced to spend part of my day in bed – disabled. now walking is a pleasure. it is a treasure and a real treat to be vertically mobile.

walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

(4) – internal changes

internal changes – i have made myself a priority. i’m in the 4th quarter (age 66) of my life. and decided to live the last quarter with some zest and enthusiasm. (swimming with sharks and base jumping and flying a kite and writing daily and playing tennis). i need mobility and energy to do all of that. and some more money. the internal change is my X-Factor.

also. i called a friend, brad, every other day during this process. just to compare notes and to ask about my (M3 System) nutritional supplements. and what to do, and what not to do. to stay on track. i could not make drastic changes like this. alone.

my change closet / like superman 

i start my day and finish my day in my goal closet – change closet – prayer closet. reviewing my goals and my priorities. and my values. asking for wisdom, guidance and strength. this is significant. i’ll post a picture to give you an idea in case you want to create such a space for yourself. [insert image here]

if you do this (create a change closet), keep it private. ya don’t need da haters discouraging you from doing the right thing. just because it is different from what they understand.

make yourself a priority…

by paying attention to the inner game of your life.

i believe you must care about yourself enough. to make yourself a priority. to make life changes.

your inner game of life must match your outer game of life to succeed. you can work on your inner game and your outer game at the same time. but, for me, i needed to start on the internal game first. and answer the questions what if? and (why?) in life.

but. please remember. you can work on your inner game and your outer game at the same time. no excuse not to start.

to read more about the inner game of life, click the link here

the system – 3, 3 and 3 – you’ll see 

and i use a complete system that integrates lifestyle changes. and nutritional and supplement changes. here’s a link to the M3 system. or just the system. take 3. make 3. for 3. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

2017/03/09 – thursday

teaching ely nieves in “ely’s temple of pain.” teaching discipline. i’m learning by designing “ely’s temple of pain” – a work in progress. designing the physical and the emotional part of the training.

which has inspired me to create my “change closet.” which has evolved to more than what I had planned. starting in my prayer closet every morning. finishing every night evaluating my day per my goals. important and meaningful metrics. to me. staying tuned to a true middle C.

ignoring my haters. and praising god in all things.

and i’m learning a lot in the dreaded “ely’s temple of pain.” it’s where you can meet. and defeat your demons. it’s where we train to win. [insert link to verse – philippians 3:12-14]

core principles

here are the core principles taught in “ely’s temple of pain.”

  • one thing – philippians 3:12-14 – train to win
  • respect your body – 1 conrinthians 6:20 – your whole body
  • do quality work – colossians 2:23, ecclesiastes 9:10
  • praise god in all things – philippians 4:8

and here’s what grandpa brings to ely’s temple of pain.

Your son needs to see you lead - by example - from the front.
leaders serve

to learn, teach others. to grow, motivate others. to excel, encourage others. leaders lead by example. lead from the front. leaders serve others. first. leaders put their team on the stage for the photo opp. leaders put themselves front and center for the grueling press conference. 


[insert vids and images of “ely’s temple of pain.”]


  • in my story?
  • do people see god in me? sometimes, yes
  • do people see god in my story? or
  • is this just another story about me?
  • can people see and feel this “X – factor”

hey. this is america’s grumpiest grandpa. in a world full of crazy, i’m your no nonsense common sense guide. 

bringing you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. in a world full of crazy. 

as my friend geoffrey always says, in a world full of crazy “grandpa will put the cookies on the lower shelf for ya.” 

remember to go where you’re appreciated. not where you’re tolerated.

time: still one month from now

you know ALL THOSE THINGS you wanted to do. you should GO DO them. 

just do them. all those things YOU SAID you were going to do. 

I have “become one with mailchimp.” and I have become consistent with my emails to my subscribers. and consistent with facebook LIVE videos.

I have found several “sweet spots” of productivity. in time and space. and in god’s grace.

Grandpa says, "It's OK. You're worth it."
living LARGE at church

my writing has become more fresh. more alive. has become bigger. bolder. more relevant. more timely. more focused on people’s hearts. some readers are saying my writing is inspired, God-given.

my new look is amazing

my new look is frickin’ amazing. this confidence is seeping into other areas of my life. and i’m successfully using liquid bio-cell. people are noticing my new energy. my new look – starting with my face. my weight loss. my pace of walking and living.

people are noticing my pace (and my vibrant style – people are saying i have more confidence ) of living has changed. in real life. and on facebOOk. and becoming more visible via images and videos. people are saying my videos are more vivid, more inspiring, more authentic, more transparent.

[videos that inspire]

people are asking about…

… about my dramatic changes. people are asking (am i’m telling) about my dramatic changes. and i’m telling. telling at panera bread. telling on facebook, blog, texting, messaging. becoming a regular on facebook LIVE. weekly. sometimes twice per week. just sharing “stuff that matters.” stuff that will move you forward in life. like detoxify your life in 2017. and the unique, life-changing x-factor.

liquid biocell – just 30 days from now

I have new liquid biocell users. new income. more income. building a business with liquid bio-cell technology.

nothing fancy. nothing out of the ordinary. just doing the drill. just grinding. daily. running the hill (like a new england patriot during training).

from 243.8 to 247.2 lbs??? plus 3.4???

now that’s improvement?! not, but proof that writing and dreaming WITHOUT the dirty word WORK does NOT get positive results. so much for all of the bragging in advance.

I forgot to grind. Plus 3.4 #’s. From 243.8 up to 247.2 ! WOWzer ! 

lOOks beTTer in kilograms
this number sucks

the occasional cigar

still smoking the occasional cigar. without hiding it. just enjoying each cigar. and some moments flying my kites. in the vacant land near the Walmart on narccossee road. have six kites in my grandpa trunk. just for variety. people stop and watch. and talk. flying kites is very attractive. literally attractive. an interesting kite in the sky attracts attention.

some things – like flying a kite – are the universal language of fun.

a flying kite attracts as many adults as children. sounds like a blogpost. or a song. or a movie.

life simplified and…

and… living essentialism.

one month from now – doing the ONE thing is still challenging. focus is a challenge. day by day. but as I am seeing results from being laser-beam focused, I can more easily do the ONE thing.

doing the ONE thing. writing and writing. building an interweb presence with the writing of America’s Grumpiest Grandpa. grateful to geoffrey harris for recognizing and celebrating my talents. writing mini-me blog posts (like “lessons learned from the pinewood derby race”) on facebook. re-purposing.

creating great dough…

or re-purposing. which is like creating great dough (great content in the kitchen of creativity). great dough, a basic foundational ingredient for a chef is like great content to a writer. creating great dough in the kitchen (in EVERnote). and using the best sourced flour and techniques for creating my classic dough. and using this flour for different porpoises – like pizza, cake, bread, tortillas, cookies, ice cream cake, creating the basics for a great party.

creating great dough and then re-purposing for different events.

all coming from my patented flour specifically designed for re-purposing – the world’s best flour for baby b00mers. easy to consume. delicious to eat. in any form. designed for many purposes.

time: one month from now

(1) a character (2) with a problem (3) meets a guide (4) who understands their fears and (5) who creates a plan (6) that calls the character to action (7) which results in success or (8) which results in failure. or tragedy. 

if nothing changes, then…

StoryBrand(8) which results in failure/tragedy.

if nothing changes? i will still be floundering. I will not be publishing consistently. I will not be doing facebook LIVE consistently. still just talking about it. I will feel mentally and emotionally bloated. because all of the ideas and dreams inside of me are stuck. wanting to be released, but stuck. creating a dangerously toxic environment internally. wasting space in my life. and others’ live. and data storage in my brain. and stopping the flow of other fresh ideas.

ideas that need to be released regularly. not much different than my physical body.

if nothing changes, i will still be searching for that elusive magical motivator. when I already have the “X” factor. there is no magical motivator. just put your butt in the chair. and grind. win the hour. walk the steps. run the hill.

“do. or do not. there is no try.” – yoda

if nothing changes, nothing changes.

and that is the failure part (8) of storybrand. which can be as powerful as, or more powerful, than the success part (7) of storybrand.

StoryBrand- (8) which results in failure/tragedy.

time: two months (may 08, 2017) from now

santo stopped me today and asked about my skin. says my skin looks different. i was haPPy and a liTTle embarrassed. santo said he noticed less wrinkles on my face. and a brighter look.

hey, lost 30 pounds. not bad. exercise every morning at 04:29 a.m. using the free weights in “ely’s temple of PAIN.”

and I just had some face moles removed. my blog subscription count is now at 1,000+. and on the move rapidly. thanks to mailchimp, facebook, and geoffrey harris’ endorsements. my writing is now all monetized in different ways via liquid biocell. and amazon. i finally learned how to write and link effectively using amazon products.

my biocell order is now FREE. and starting to generate some income via modere. my writing is being re-purposed. daily. I just finished the 8th chapter of tadpole. and grandmothers are loving it. I just discovered an illustrator. so tadpole can be an adult coloring book for grandmothers and still be a book to read to grandchildren. so tadpole can be dually marketed. as a great story about change for children. or a coloring book with a story for the adult readers. it has a subtle twist, too. an underlying political message. like aesop’s fables.

TADpole is really alive

a quick look at TADpole in case you haven’t read it yet.

readers become leaders
grandpa reading TADpole to his little girls

TADpole has become more popular than what I had ever imagined.

readers are leaders
next TADpole soon to be released

parents and children are actually wanting another TADpole book.

time: three months (may – june) from now

the pieces are starting to fit together now. 

getting excited about Christmas already. and buying presents via amazon. this is so exciting. i am able to plan for christmas. instead of dreading one more christmas without money. i will be able to buy some things for children and grandchildren that they really want. and to be able to afford these gifts. praise god in all things.

discover card is getting closer to zero balance every day. praise god in all things.

saving to buy a car for drew. and me. praise god in all things.

4th quarter gone wild

and now looking at drones to buy to document my 4th quarter gone wild. and to document the exercise routines by ely and lucas on the grass by the lake. the wind sprints.

4th quarter gone frickin crazee !!!

wowzer. this is really getting exciting now.

I am starting to believe in dreaming again. my writing. my dreams are evolving and geTTing progreSSively biGGer. daily. my dreaming and hope is contagious. infectious.

“ely’s temple of pain” is becoming a neighborhood legion. and a place where tEEns come to get fit and be encouraged. praise god in all things.

dreaming is contagious.

you need a hazmat suit

you need a hazmat suit to not catch my enthusiasm. just the like the enthusiasm of ruckus. impossible not to catch it.

my dreaming – my unlimited thinking – is starting to become contagious. hazmat level infectious. among family members. among my biocell partners. with geoffrey harris. with the board members of powerpoint ministry. with my friends in the panera bread neighborhood. enthusiasm is contagious. by contact. and caught airborne.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

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