great generation pledge of allegiance

boomer nation

we are baby boomers. 

we are the baby boomers.

we are the great bOOmer nation.

thanks to feedback from geoffrey harris, the great generation is introducing bOOmer nation ! 

bOOmer nation is coming soon !!!

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patience - under construction
patience – under construction – bOOmer nation is coming soon

geoffrey suggested a place called bOOmer nation.

your special place with…

  • boomer humor – funny short stories
  • boomer faith – what do boomers believe
  • boomer nation t-shirts – so we can locate you in a crowd
  • boomer health advice – highlighting medicare and health tips

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geoffrey also suggested discussing …

medicare insurance florida
let’s talk about bOOmer issues

… discussing these baby bOOmer issues.

  • travel,
  • retirement,
  • relationships,
  • how to mentor someone,
  • intentional grandparenting,
  • 4th quarter planning and living,
  • and, of course…
  • the perfect grandpa trunk for the beach.

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have a grandpa trunk that is beach ready 

swimming with sharks 730 x 330
grandpa – be ready for the beach

grandma and grandpa, it’s your job to have a trunk that is what i call “beach-ready.” and, besides, it makes life so much easier.

what is beach ready? 

a “beach ready” trunk means you just pack the cooler. and go to the beach. since your trunk is beach ready, you do not stumble through your garage locating your beach stuff.  just keep your trunk “beach-ready.” ready to go. to the beach.

here’s how to have a “beach ready” trunk.

here’s what to buy.

and here are links to amazon to get it all delivered to your door. right now. so make your life easier. be beach ready. start right here.

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start with a cool beach tent.

click images to see more

[easy does it. this list and all of the links are still in the works.]

  • a beach wagon (with BIG WHEELS) for your ease and comfort
  • a beach tent to get out of the wind and the sun
  • two smaller coolers instead of just one  LARGE cooler. have your grandchildren carry the smaller coolers. or put them into your beach wagon. (i do NOT recommend one LARGE cooler. it can be overwhelming for one person to carry. one LARGE cooler makes sense UNTIL you are one carrying it.)
  • two sand / surf chairs
  • sun screen
  • a good beach hat – grandpa, you need to cover your bald head. no need to be sun-burnt and miserable for the next three days after your beach time. no excuses, from one grandpa to another.

and …

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