babies on board

shhh !!! quiet !!! babies on board…

this is where it happens.

good. god. stuff. that. matters – the official birthing station

how's your brand image
here’s my idea nursery

yes, this is the place where great “snack food for your mind” is nurtured and created.

yes, a birthing station and a nursery of baby ideas. these are my babies – newly birthed. and some are yet to be born.

these ideas are born only when they are ready.

no idea is birthed before its time. no pre-mature births here.

the ideas here are from EVERnote and still incubating – like the Small Biz Incubator at University of Central Florida.

all ideas are at their unique stage of pre-birth. no abortions here. every idea has value. and is linked to their safe place in EVERnote.

all ideas and verses are begging to be written, to be released, to be freed, to be shared with the world.

ideas that will change your world. if you let them.

served to you like snack food. small cookies, brownies. bite-sized. eaten while you’re waiting in line, the car line at school. while you’re waiting at soccer practice, standing in line at panera bread.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

things that need to happen

for grandpa’s eyes ONLY
how's your brand image
facebook image 1200 x 628 px

great images for facebook that attract traffic – 1200 X 630 pxs.

facebook titles and descriptions that beg / scream to be read.

traffic needs to be tracked via google analytics

and yoast tools need to be maximized

images that pop and stop

and force you to stop just long enough to read the title

images that pop and stop – 1200 x 628 px

and titles and descriptions that compel you to click now

click now to read more

and blogs that are short, interesting and scannable

with uber fast downloading speeds

snack food for the soul

just short sound bytes of snack food for the mind and soul.

what is the ideal word count for snack food?

look at blogs and emails that follow the StoryBrand model by Don Miller. these internet converts to StoryBrand are excelling at this.

become a dedicated student of StoryBrand and the residual ideas

ya gotta ship. and faster. consistently.

  • quick snack food blogs – (word count – ?)
  • snack food MailChimps – (word count – ?)
  • snack food vdeos – (length – ?)
you should do your own taxes
use your most viewed images

and the best sized images for mobile devices

and linked to Faceb00k LIVE

take one snack food cookie (from EVERnote) and

re-purpose three different ways

  • facebook post
  • grandpa blog
  • facebook LIVE

quickly, same week, same day.

[featuring all 1200 pixel images]

recommended image size for facebook – 1200 x 630 px

readers are scanners
readers are scanners
drunken monkeys
drunken monkeys

crash test page - because grandpa wants to save you some pain

leaders are readers
leaders are readers

you're paying too much to have your taxes prepared

file your 2016 taxes early

Daniel Jedi Squire in Training
Daniel Jedi Squire in Training
kindergarten is the most important year of your life
kindergarten is the most important year of your life
quickly, same week, same day.
deliver a quick snack just like libby baking brownies in the evening.

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notes to admin:

  • this is where ideas incubate like Business Incubation at University of Central Florida
  • where verses that matter become blogposts and videos
  • where we talk about ideas that matter
  • ideas that can change your world