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time to change

time to change

start. or else you’ll be sorry. 

ya gotta start sometime. why not now?

yes, time to change – this is my 30-day story of change. this could be your story, too.
i’ll be transparent and authentic with you. promise. it’s a story about change. designed to help you. so experience with me the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  the pain and the triumph of change. the struggle and the celebration. and the costs – personal and otherwise.

four failures every year 

i am powerless over my weight and my eating habits. 

this may feel like a 12-step meeting. because change – massive change. for me, i call it a change in mASS. mASSive change. this requires a different approach. an approach different from my past. because what i did in the past never worked for me.

did you know that the average person starts a new diet program and fails four (4) times per year? fails 4X per year. Ugh…

don’t you ever get sick and tired of being sick and tired?

so i know i need a support system. some accountability. and a proven system that works. as they say, “it works if ya work it.” 

my story of change starts like many other stories. later you can read the long version. if you like. at my story / your story.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

start. stop. fail again. repeat. 

have you ever gotten tired of this sequence? i have. deja vu all over again. start. stop. fail again. repeat. i have done this for many years. 

medicare insurance florida
start. stop. fail. again.

so i made a decision to change. and did not succeed the first time. just like you have. many times. start. stop. fail again. and repeat. 

another attempt. but this time the inner man was ready. i believed i could change by making the inner man and the outer man the same. making my inside match my outside. let’s see if this is true. i decided i am worth it.

change with me

now change with me. just insert your name every time i mention myself. see if this change fits you? it just might.

when you’re done reading this blogpost, read this. called “what if?” it’s about BIGGER CHANGES. read the background story. i can help you. hey, it’s a little long (words: 4,783). and cerebral (a 20 minute read). but it’s worth it. if ya like, come back. and click here later.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

so here’s week 01 of change 

> end of wEEk 01

changes are working

weight today: 239.4 pounds. down from 247.2 last wednesday, 2017/03/08. that’s down 7.8 pounds in just seven days. due to some significant lifestyle changes. in just one week. but it feels goods to have such a positive start. no fat boy pictures yet. i’m just too embarrassed (BMI = obese) and too proud to take and to post those revealing pictures. but i do have images of the bathrooms scales. 

I use a complete system. 

how am i doing this? i use a complete system that integrates lifestyle changes. nutritional changes. and internal changes. (i’m following some notes i made in a meeting with Lisa DeRosimo, M.D. – a specialist in obesity) keep reading. here’s a detailed explanation of my first week of change.

the significant and the challenging

(1) – coffee / my most obvious addiction

i drink (used to drink) a lot of coffee (a 40+ year habit) and always with cream and sugar. i have (used to have) a cup of coffee in my hands from 6:00 a.m. til 1:30 p.m. and always with cream and sugar in it. so i quit drinking hot coffee. and now i drink a little iced coffee with no additives. but no more hot coffee with cream and sugar. this was a big change. and really, really difficult.

the coffee with cream and sugar left my life. kicking and screaming. it was not pretty. with physical and emotional withdrawals. but this coffee beast was killing me.

(2) – eating in bed (and sleep hygiene) 

eating in bed (another nasty beast in my life) – i snack (used to snack -pretzels, crackers, and other junk food) in bed every night while watching useless mind-numbing netflix videos (zombies, house of cards, action thrillers, you know the drill). on my tablet.

now my snacks are dried fruits and nuts. and i eat much less. while i watch TEDTalks. or some other selected sermons/messages, motivational (example: eric thomas – the hip hop preacher) and educational vids and podcasts. but mainly ted talks (listening to innovative ideas presented by the thought leaders of the world). to feed my mind and to grow my intellect. no more useless consumption of violence and stories about evil villains and zombies.

this change from mental junk food to feeding my intellect has changed my thinking and my sleep significantly. my sleep seems better. i mean more restful. and my dreaming is pretty creative. this is a massive change inside of my brain.

so actually there are two significant changes here. (1) eliminating junk food at the worst possible time – at night and (2) consuming quality brain food every night. 

both changes improved my sleep hygiene. which is critical to any life changes. i am worth it. you are worth it. 

(3) – exercise

exercise – thanks to my daughter, libby, i have a fitbit. and i walk a minimum of 8,000 steps per day. i set my fitbit to buzz me at 10 minutes til the hour starting at 6:50 a.m. til 11:50 a.m.

putting one foot in front of another
just 8,000 steps

and i walk 1,000 steps each time. so by noon, i usually have walked 6,000 steps or more. now walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. it was a challenge to start since i had a total hip replacement recently. before my hip replacement i was forced to spend part of my day in bed – disabled. now walking is a pleasure. it is a treasure and a real treat to be vertically mobile. (according to my fitbit, i walked an average of 11,897 steps per day in the last 28 days.)

walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

(4) – internal changes

internal changes – i have made myself a priority. i’ve decided i am worth it. you are worth it,too. i’m in the 4th quarter (age 66) of my life. and decided to live the last quarter with some zest and enthusiasm. (swimming with sharks and base jumping and flying a kite and writing daily and playing tennis). i need mobility and energy to do all of that. and some more money. the internal change is my X-Factor.

see detoxify in four steps to simplify your life. which is part of my X-Factor. 

also. i called a friend, brad clements, every other day during this process. just to compare notes and to ask about my (M3 System) nutritional supplements. and what to do, and what not to do. i called brad to stay on track. i could not make drastic changes like this. alone. ya gotta have a support system. and i joined a facebook group as part of my support system. if you wanna change, join this change community here.

my change closet / just like superman 
my cHANGE closet

i start my day and finish my day inside my goal closet – change closet – prayer closet. reviewing my goals and my priorities. and my values. asking for wisdom, guidance and strength. my change goals and personal motivators are on poster boards. and all hidden behind my hanging clothes. this is significant. i’ll post a picture to give you an idea in case you want to create such a space for yourself.

warning about your change closet

if you do this (if you do create a change closet with goals and motivators), keep it private. ya don’t need da haters discouraging you from doing the right thing. just because it is different from what they believe. do not let their LIMITED thinking influence your UNlimited thinking. 

make yourself a priority…

…by paying attention to the inner game of your life.

yes, lesson learned this week. make yourself a priority. no one else will do it for you.

i am worth it. you are worth it. 

i believe you must care about yourself enough. enough to make yourself a priority. to make life changes.

have an intentional inner game 

Jedi Basic Training Camp

your inner game of life must match your outer game of life to succeed. you can work on your inner game and your outer game at the same time. but, for me, i needed to start on the internal game first.

and answer the questions what if? and (why?) in life.

but. please remember. you can work on your inner game and your outer game at the SAME TIME. no excuse not to start. no excuse to procrastinate.

to read more about the inner game of life, click the link here

the system – 3, 3 and 3 – you’ll see 

and i use a complete system that integrates lifestyle changes. and nutritional and supplement changes. here’s a link to the M3 system. or just the system. take 3. make 3. for 3. 

  • take (3) nutritional products.
  • make (3) lifestyle changes.
  • and do both for (3) months.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

> end of wEEk 02 

2017/03/18 – saturday – i’m excited. i bought some new clothes for da beach. as a reward for my next weigh-in. hope i reach my weight goal on wednesday. moving from double XXL to single XL – not dramatic. but this feels really, really good. for an old fat guy.

sad but real

sad but real. i did NOT meet my weight goal this week. and my new single XL shirt did NOT fit. so sad and disappointing. now on to  week 03.

here are my results. the scales do not lie. down from last week. but only 1.4#’s.

down from 250 #’s

let’s talk about the real issue with weight loss. the inner game of weight loss. for me. i call it hanger. the hangry beast. 

this will sound a lot like a 12-step meeting about food.

slay your hANGRY beast 

hanger: hungry + anger = hanger. habitual, meaningless, destructive, addictive eating used to satisfy unmet emotional needs. the villain is the drug of food. just the way some people use alcohol. and other drugs. but my drug of choice is food. and my battle is with the hanger beast.

which creates a “start-stop-fail-repeat” cycle of failure for me, the addictive eater. note: on average, most americans start and stop a diet plan 4 X per year. this creates a negative emotional environment around any new nutritional plan. each failed diet attempt reinforces all the previous failed attempts. 

i believe that most people need a clear, structured plan of change. and need a support system (similar to a 12-step program and other massive change programs) to succeed at a change in their eating and dietary habits. that’s why i’m writing my story. to help those of you who want to change. but have failed several times in the past. 

i have failed many times due to my hanger. due to my addictive eating habits. that’w why i’m writing about my hanger. to slay my hanger BEAST. to help you to slay your hanger BEAST. 

with my experience, i want to help you as your no nonsense common sense guide. for massive change. 

Daniel Jedi Squire in Training
slay the BEAST of hANGER
beware of the HANGRY beast 

sunday – this day could have been a mega failure. but i met and slayed my HANGRY BEAST on sunday.

2017/03/19 – sunday – going to a basketball tournament for my grandson, Ely. three games starting at 8:15 a.m. which means being at a basketball tournament. and away from a food friendly environment.

hangry moments

this day could have been a design for failure. for me in the past. a busy day, an emotional day (with a competitive basketball environment. and other annoying parents like me). a day when quality food was not conveniently located in the tournament facility. combined – these are all the reasons i needed to fail. and to create a “hangry mood” (and excuses) for me. so i can log another failure at weight management.

the result would be a loss of momentum. a negative attitude towards my personal goals. which would carry into monday and the rest of the week. you know the routine. two steps forward and three steps backwards. and more discouragement. and another failure in weight management. all logged and highlighted in the failure side of my brain. 

medicare insurance florida
hope-leSS and hope-leSS

you can see the pattern of failure that we create around weight loss. americans have four weight loss failures per year. after a few years, many people feel hopeleSS. and are very skeptical of one more attempt at weight loss. and become hopeleSS and helpleSS. 

the hangry beast

let’s dissect this day. early start (for a sunday – leaving at 6:00 a.m. to arrive early at the tournament per the coach’s instructions) with some odd times for breaks between games. and no real food at the tournament. only snack (junk, sugar) food for sale. so, in this environment, this is a design for failure for me. that is, eat lots of sugary snacks to feed my hunger cravings and all the nervous and mindless eating that accompanies the excitement of competition. and eating to satisfy the “hangry beast” inside of me.

potential downward spiral

then i start a tailspin into a bad eating day. and bad eating in the evening. which leads to anger and disappointment with self. which creates more negativity internally. which leads to hangry eating. and the charged emotions of a very competitive environment are not a healthy place for me. i’m sure someone reading this has some similar “hangry eating habits.”

i need a plan for this day

so. to survive i need a plan. i need an intentional plan in place. to eat well. to manage my hanger in advance. otherwise i will create a repeating cycle of two steps forward and three steps backwards. and this day will reinforce and magnify my weight loSS failures over the years. 

so i ate a healthy breakfast early. i took healthy snacks – a bag of apples, a bag of dried fruit, a nutritional drink (called SUSTAIN – part of my M3 System) which helps with those hangry moments. i felt so “at risk.” like i should call my “health sponsor.” as in a 12-step program. like AA. 

magic buLLet for the HANGRY BEAST

if you’re interested, here’s a link to my M3 System – my nutritional supplements.

and i located a healthy place to eat in advance (2 to 3 miles away – panera bread, of course).  so during a 2.5 hour break between games, my grandson, Ely, had a healthy meal and apples and dried fruit. and during the whole day, neither ely nor i ate any unhealthy sugary snacks.

almost a miracle

no “undisciplined hangry moments” during an emotionally charged day. no mindless consumption of unhealthy snacks, nor junk food lunch. this was another successful day. in my weight management program. my change project. and i stayed on track with my health goals. for me, this was almost a miracle.

control what you can

lesson learned. simple. i just controlled what i could control. by planning for the day in advance. and the result was a significant personal victory. i almost behaved like an adult would. taking responsibility for my own health. 

Every Win is an EPIC WIN
celebrate an EPIC WIN

so that was my advance plan. not very exciting for you. but very exciting for me. because it worked. on sunday. so maybe i will be able to wear the single XL clothes that i bought on saturday. (i bought some cool swim shorts and a matching beach shirt. in sizes single XL, not double XXL.)

not a big shift in weight. but a big shift emotionally. (and when people say, “Hey, are you losing some weight?” that just reinforces my EPIC WIN.) so maybe this week i will be able to wear some new clothes as a celebration. an EPIC WIN for me.

hopeless and helpless. and alone. 

hopeless. this is what could have happened. i avoided the self-sabotaging that has become my weight management pattern.

feeling drained and just grinding today
feeling hope-leSS and help-leSS. and alone

i did not sabotage my success with reckless eating. you know what i mean. I did not sabotage myself by having a bad sunday. then a bad monday. then a bad week by feeling hopeless and helpless. and promoting the “poor me. i can’t do this” syndrome.

four times per year – failure

one bad day can set me back by at least a week. or more. or this could have led to one more “start-stop-fail-repeat” sequence.  (did you know that the average person starts a new dieting program four – 4 – times per year?) that’s four failures per year.  every failure re-enforces the previous failure. that is agonizing emotionally. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

> end of wEEk 03

2017/03/29 – wednesday – is the end of week 03

the suspense is intimidating. i do not know what my weight results will be. yet. for week 03. i do not cheat and step on the scales early. i just wait. i just wait for wednesday morning. and my scheduled meeting with the bathroom scales.

i cancelled thanksgiving
thanksgiving feast in march

i did have an event this week that presented a challenge. maybe you can relate. maybe you can learn. from my fears.

ultimate challenge 

this is the ONE Hangry Beast Event i have to report this week. my daughter’s birthday (lindsay) celebration. lindsay wanted to celebrate her birthday with the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast. a pretty exciting birthday wish.

with this feast comes…

  • mashed potatoes created with lots of whole milk and butter.
  • big fluffy rolls and more butter.
  • and some kind of cinnamon bread with a special sugary, cinnamon spread for the bread. just begging to be tasted out of curiosity.
  • some wonderful fruit salad (my favorite) made with marshmallows.
  • something else with a marshmallow topping.
  • and homemade gravy for the buttery mashed potatoes.
  • and a variety of sugary carbonated beverages.

this is like an “open bar” for the alcoholic. what to do? what to do?

and desserts always come with a feast like this. how many and what kinds? i lost count at five or six. home made and store bought desserts. they all looked good. no, they all looked awesome-licious. what to do? what to do?

and lindsay’s husband, raymond, slow roasted (smoked using apple wood chips)  two  turkeys in his big green egg . what a feast. 

with two March Madness basket ball games playing on the flat screen in the background. this created an ideal time for munching and grazing before and long after our giant feast.

perfect storm for failure

for me, this was like the main event in a boxing match. featuring the Inner Hangry Beast meets the Feast. creating the perfect storm for failure for me. my inner uncontrollable Hangry Beast. (i am powerless over this inner beast) could i tame the beast enough to survive this main event victorious? if i did not tame the beast, this could become one more failure in my cycle of “start-stop-fail again-repeat” series of diet failures. and sabotage all of my previous successes. and reinforce my 4 X per year failure habit.

would this be another epic loss for me? or an epic win?

sounds, smells and memories for potato-couching

with all the past memories and emotions of thanksgiving. with laughter, conversation, sports on the screen, and a table full of food and desserts. and all of the kitchen sounds. and smells. these are all sensory stimulations where i have been conditioned for over-eating. my body and my mind are now ready. they are pre-conditioned for massive eating. followed by lethargic potato-couching.

beating the hangry beast

but i had a plan…

i had a plan to meet and defeat my hangry beast. since i knew the hangry beast was sure to arrive to threaten me. i usually feel powerless over this beast.

the plan was simple. (1) first, i have a plan. for the day. attend the thanksgiving feast. with an intentional plan. and (2) do what i had done the previous two weeks. there’s no sense having a food relapse. eating is an addiction like any other addiction. so you must have a plan. especially when you know in advance that you will be a in a high risk environment. just like an “open bar” for the alcoholic.

meet da beast at da feast 
meet da beast

when you’re in a “high risk” environment, have a plan. in advance. you know you will meet your hangry beast. so be prepared to “meet da beast at da feast.” 

i did some very simple things. (1) i had one of my drinks crafted by modere. before the meal. to curb my appetite. and i snacked on sweet sugar snap peas before the meal instead of all the varieties of breads. (2) and i had decided exactly what i was going to eat. and what i would avoid eating. in advance. turkey. salad not drowning in salad dressing. no bread, butter, mashed potatoes, stuffing, nor desserts. just water to drink. no sugary, carbonated beverages. (3) result: all went well. as planned.

my hangry beast left in fear. vanquished. 

my hangry beast lost this battle. and conceded the victory to me. the beast left the party. vanquished. with his tail tucked between his legs. whimpering. the beast was so embarrassed by his epic defeat that he did not even stay to watch any March Madness basketball.

an epic defeat for the beast. and an epic win for me. and my plan. i actually felt victorious. and like i was in control. at least, for today. eating better. one day at a time. working my plan. and acknowledging that i am powerless over the Hangry Beast. powerless without a support system and a plan.  

focus on progress

and here is my pic for the end of week 03.

headed in the right direction

i now weigh 235.2 pounds. down from my original high of 250 pounds. and still working on “progress, not perfection” in the fitness arena of my life. trying to neutralize my internal hangry beast. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

> end of wEEk 04

2017/04/05 – wednesday – is the end of my week 04

start – stop – quit – fail again – repeat
i’m don’t want to fail AGAIN

i do not want to keep repeating this endless, discouraging cycle.

even though i conquered my hangry beast more than once last week. i was still challenged by my hangry beast again this week. 

slow progress

the hangry beast did not die. he just retreated. and rested and came back with different tactics. and, again, i needed to admit that i am powerless against the hangry beast. if i don’t have a plan. and i am powerless if i don’t accept help.

ya gotta have a plan for the unusual, the out-of-routine times. like weekends. and for me, i do not want to allow one bad experience on a weekend to create another long term eating relapse.

having a plan for weekends is essential to success. and is essential to breaking the cycle. the cycle of start – stop – quit – fail again – repeat

this weekend i took my oldest grandson, ely, to his basketball tournament on sunday. a total of three games on sunday. and, of course, at the tournament, we had the usual selection of nonfood choices. candy and sugar. sugar and candy. nothing else.

so. in advance. i had packed yogurt, apples, dried fruit and two of my modere drinks. (click the link to learn more.) between game 1 and game 2, that worked well.

but between game 2 and game 3, one of the dads wanted to take the team to eat lunch together. and that created a problem for me about food choices. at the restaurant. that is, going to a restaurant not of my choice. and having limited food choices. unhealthy food choices.

but by drinking my Modere Afternoon Protein Shake – called Sustain during the late morning, i had curbed my appetite for lunch. i ordered less than what was normal for me. i requested a few adjustments (changing white bread to whole wheat bread) to what was on the restaurant menu. and no food relapse. no food cravings.

and no start – stop – quit – fail again

yes, my hangry beast did meet me at the restaurant. but the beast was vanquished because i had an intentional plan. in advance. and i had a short history of 3 weeks of victories. normally, this would have been an epic fail for me. followed by discouragement. depression. defeat.

and quitting again. only to repeat the pattern. and to start again at some time in the future. resulting in one more failure accumulated in my diet history. besides, i want to make lifestyle changes, not just another diet.

can you relate?

lessons learned again:

  • have a plan.
  • be intentional.
  • you already know what challenges you may face.
  • the challenges at a child / grandchild’s sporting event
  • the challenges eating at a restaurant
  • you know your hangry beast will not quit.
  • and (alone) i am powerless against my hangry beast.

powerless against my hangry beast. which makes my life unmanageable. with poor nutritional habits and repeated. weight loss. and weight gain. start – stop – quit – fail again – repeat. 

by the way, i carried my little black notebook. 

my little black notebook which serves as a defense when i face the hangry beast.

it’s a small notebook (modere – live clean) i carry in my backpack. with my laptop. which contains some notes about weight management. and about making lifestyle changes. and has some of my weight and lifestyle goals. it serves as a personal nutrition bible. a sort of little personal big book of lifestyle changes.

my little BLACK BIG bOOk

it’s a great reference for me. to read.

  • while i watch lucas at wrestling matches.
  • and ely at basketball tournaments.
  • and while i watch daniel at his swimming lessons.
  • and while drew, tristan, and vivaka and i are at panera bread together. and they’re eating double fudge brownies.

it’s a little “big book of change.” that reminds me of how powerless i am against my hangry beast. powerless WITHOUT  a plan. powerless WITHOUT help. 


everyone needs some help sometime

remember, i started writing this blogpost as a means to keep myself on track. but then some friends said they had the same struggles. and needed some help.

and i realized that you may benefit. you may identify with my personal weight struggles. and be encouraged by my successes. and failures. so i continue to  remain transparent and authentic, as ridiculous as some of my rambling may seem to you. i did promise to be transparent and authentic. so i hope this helps you.

please share with a friend. who struggles just like you and i struggle. 

let’s do this.

do you have a stretch goal? (a goal that challenges you – not too easy, not too hard. but does s-t-r-e-t-c-h you) what is it?

my stretch goal is to weigh 199 pounds by my birthday, june 22. down from 250 #’s. let’s do this. together.

what’s the value in reaching a weight goal?

what the real value in reaching a weight goal? 

empower – empower – empower

reaching a weight goal and making lifestyle changes can empower you in other areas of your life. if you’re like me, weight management may not be your only struggle. reaching a significant goal in one area of your life will empower to reach that career goal, that family goal, that vacation goal, that time freedom goal.

if ya really want this, no worries.

do not listen to your haters. your non supporters. they don’t matter. anymore.

epic wins

prove to your haters how wrong they are about you. with results. with epic wins.

there is no bigger epic win. than when someone says, “You look like you are losing some weight. You look good.” 

What Others Think No Longer Matters
if ya reaLLy want this

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

i would love to celebrate an epic win. 

on to my second month…

Children of ALL ages love to celebrate.
dhildren of ALL ages love to celebrate

> end of wEEk 05

2017/04/12 – wednesday – is the end of my week 05

i’m looking forward to week 05. seriously. i am learning some new habits that are effective in conquering my hangry beast. i wish for more dramatic results. everyone wants “microwavable results.” 

so here is where i must remind myself – and i will remind you – of the pledge. note: join the official M3 pledge commnuity – click here to join.

and click here to see the pledge [02:55] video.

my M3 pledge – i pledged to:

  • take 3
  • make 3 
  • for 3 

(1) take 3  nutritional supplements (modere) every day. (2) make 3 lifestyle changes. (3) do all of this for 3 months. BEFORE you judge the results.

because someday…

someday you will either say, “i’m glad i did.” or “i wish i had.”

at the end of 3 months, i want to say, “i’m glad i did.”

not “i wish i had.”

listen to your FitBit

my FitBit just said, “win the hour. get off your fat butt and walk.”

“win the hour. win the day.”

“win the day. win the week.” 

“win the week. win the month.” and so on and so on.

“win the hour. win the battle.” 

lesson: “focus on winning this hour only.” 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

< end of public blogpost >

private notes to author

distinct brand image
  • ok, end of week 01 looks good – send a mailchimp on tues, 2017/03/21 – tuesday – ya didn’t do it, ya mailchimp wimp
  • what is working – on facebook posting pic of my weight on bathroom scales – every week – with my special R/L ankle socks 
  • what is working – auto posting of fitbit results – daily.
  • need a dramatic branding (change) image in different sizes
  • ok, this – ripped abs – could be my branding image
  • but need an image of me in same pose – with skull scarf – or ruckus gas mask – where can i  find a dark background?
the look i want by june 2018
  • a feature image on wordpress – 730 x 330 (? – i think) – yes
  • create a brand image for change, weight loss AND much, much more
  • a brand image that represents change – external, internal
  • a brand image that is click bait and could be used by other team members – for the one voice brand impact 
  • a brand image that is resized and re-formatted
  • need a fb image – 1200×628 – to promote via facebook
  • and an image in 4X3 aspect ratio for facebook post
  • other images – images from phone – and edited via snapseed – bathroom scales and fat boy image
  • unique image of my fat body in above pose wearing skull scarf
notes in my liTTle BLACK big bOOk
  • images of notes in special modere notebook, bathroom scales, my “change closet,” and ely’s temple of pain
on left – the front cover of my black book
  • image of food choices and ingredients – like yogurt and sugar
  • discussion of geriatrics and bariatrics – there’s a reason geriatrics rhymes with bariactrics (the science of obesity)
  • and for the millennials, share this info with your overweigh, arthritic boomer parents
  • images of my inexpensive fitness tools, free weights, jump rope (with amazon affiliate link), $20 walmart walking shoes, skull scarf  for photo shoot
  • image of $5 badass skull ring for confidence (?) and badass-ness karma to protect you from da non-believers and haters as you change,
  • skull ring is your badass hater protector
  • ensure that every step in this plan is simple and duplicable and kinda fun
  • in other words, a busy single mother (like laurie) could do this from her phone. (bang, bang. jessie lee ward style.) calling all unicorns who are busy and overwhelmed single moms – who need a real life, who would like purple hair, pink, blue, green unicorn hair
  • supported by simple fb LIVE videos.
  • just do one (or more) to myself and lose the fear
  • start with week 01 story
  • pay attention to mr yoast. always. seo and readability
  • think YOASTy when creating fb LIVE videos 
  • think “what is user-friendly content for the distracted mobile viewer”
  • links to simple things on amazon (with affiliate link)
  • resuscitate my amazon affiliate status – why not?
  • so far (2017/04/03) i like how this is developing
  • but no one see it. yet.
  • i like how this has helped me. to maintain. to not quit. 
  • to maintain. and NOT to quit. this is critical. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

branding image – maybe (?) 


you should GO DO THEM
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detoxify your life in 2017 with four simple steps

detoxify your life in 2017. with four simple steps.

detoxify your life in 2017. here they are.  four simple steps and just four minutes to read them.

4 steps to detoxify your life in 2017
detox your life in 2017

sometimes you need that special guide in your life who understands your problem and your fears. and you want this guide to tell you what to do to make some needed changes. hey, i’m that guy for the next four minutes. i’m the guy behind the mask.

how to detOx your life

  • de = delete toxic people.
  • t  = ten more minutes of exercise.
  • O = Original. become the Original you again.
  • x = the “X” factor that winners use.

detox | de = delete toxic people

detox by deleting toxic people. simple. but not easy. you will need to exit some of your toxic friends who bring that unwanted drama to your life.

delete the drama on facebook (and other social media). delete the crazy and loud friends on your social media. delete the crazy political rants and links and liked pages. this is directly within your control.

delete toxic friends. and delete people who do not support your value system. you don’t owe anything to them. you don’t have to listen to them.

love yourself. delete toxic friends. you’re worth it.

delete those people who take you to places you do not want to go. including physical places, bad places in your mind, emotional places. you get the idea. these toxic people are emotional black holes for you. delete them.

if your friends do not support your goals and core values, delete them. delete these toxic people from your life. simple, not easy.

delete toxic friends. this is within your control. and is a tremendous time-saver for you. this frees time for you. this creates some positive mental space for you.

detox | t = ten more minutes of exercise

add just ten minutes of exercise to your life every day. studies show this has health and emotional benefits.

I do this by using my fitbit. the alarm sounds 10 minutes before the hour every hour between 6:00 a.m. and noon. so I get more than “ten minutes more.” adding ten minutes of exercise every day detoxifies your physical body.

love yourself. add ten minutes of exercise. you’re worth it.

focus on the one thing - the process
add TEN minutes every day

a recent study showed “adding 10 minutes of mall-pace striding per day resulted in significantly improved heart strength and general fitness. then it becomes easier to increase your workout time and improve your physical fitness.

detOx | O = original. become the Original you again.

create the Original you again by creating some new habits and dropping those bad ones.

let’s start with your “fat” screen. I call it the “fat” screen (and not flat screen) because this “fat” screen is where you and your family get fat.

detoxify yourself from your addictive binges. to find the Original you, drop those bad habits. like your addictive Netflix binges (zombie movies, house of cards) and that NBA game. or call of duty, doom, or whatever game.

you sit in front of your “fat” screen, eat, binge, and train your children to do the same. we all do too much of this. time wasted in front of some electronic device. turning your mind and body into jello.

watch a few minutes (3:24) of fitless humans (Pixar wall-e). and see for yourself. what “fat” screens are doing to you.

  • love yourself enough.
  • love your children enough.
  • replace your “fat” screen binges with something worthy of you.
  • you’re worth it.

replace this “fat” screen time…

…with TEDTalks. something that will feed your mind and your soul. something that will challenge you.

I must ask you: what “zombie principle” (walking dead) have you used this week in your business or raising children?

start a habit of watching TEDTalks and some valuable documentaries on Netflix, amazon video, or other video service.

this is your choice to detoxify your brain. all within your direct control. simple, but not easy. but you’re reading this because you want to change. you want to re-discover you. the Original you. the Original you that your creator wants you to be. not some one else’s version of you created by your “fat” screen binges.

I understand the pain in changing. this is a painful change for me, too. i’m your guide, and your fellow journeyer – walking beside you.

your children and your grandchildren deserve a better you. and an Original you. you deserve this. you’re worth the change.

detoX | x = the “X” factor that winners use.

= the “X” factor.

detoxify the internal you by hiring a spiritual coach.

find a real hard-nosed spiritual trainer. a trainer that will not tolerate your whining. not a “comfort dog” spiritual trainer that promises you a safe place when you’re under stress. but someone who can move you forward spiritually.

hire a tough spiritual trainer

someone who has the courage (and someone you allow to) let you see the real you. allows you to feel the pain. and show you some ugly truths about your life.

love yourself. get the “X factor.”

you’re worth it.

if you really want to detoxify your life, you will find a spiritual trainer. this is the “X factor” that people at the top of their game have.

everyone that I respect is using this “X factor.”

and you can complement your “X factor” with a phone app that provides spiritual resources. and while you’re at it. delete some of those other time-wasting game apps on your phone. if you want to detoxify your life in 2017.

DETOX in 2017 with four simple steps.

  • DElete those toxic friends.
  • Ten more minutes of exercise every day.
  • Original. become the Original you again.
  • X factor.

get the “X factor.” detoxify your life in 2017.

remember, i’m your guide, not the ultimate expert. i’m with you on this journey. it’s simple. sometimes painful. but you can do it.

love yourself. detox in 2017.

you’re worth it.

tell me how it’s going for you in the comment section below.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

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what if ?

what if?

what if you had enough courage to make…

  • the right decisions?
  • those radical decisions?
  • those misunderstOOd decisions? 
  • that particularly unpopular decision? 

… and with zero fear about what others think of you?

What Others Think No Longer Matters
live by a miSSion statement that makes you fearleSS

what if you had enough courage to…

…to make those unpopular decisions. regardless.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you…

… put FIRST things FIRST? I mean really put first things first. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you chose a timeless miSSion statement (like the most important coMMandment) and lived by it? daily. every day. with no fear. just lived by a miSSion statement. and treated this miSSion like the core value of your life. regardless. living without fear.

and what if this core value defined you? and guided your decisions? ? ALL of your decisions? ALL decisions great and small.

could you be reaLLy free ?

what if this core value EVEN defined your business life ?

if you did this, could you be free? reaLLy free? internally free?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what about those annoying outcome goals?

or would you still be held hostage by your outcome goals? you know, those demanding corporate goals, and other outcome goals and expectations forced upon you.

those goals forced on your by your employer, your church, and yucky “guilt goals” imposed on you by your parents (or your inner parents). goals like you need to have a specific professional career defined by an advanced degree and a certain income.

let’s talk more about your outcome goals.

outcome goals DEMAND that you produce a specific number of widgets every hour. and widgets come in many shapes and sizes. widgets can be products, phone calls, number of words written, applications, sales, patient appointments. you get the idea.

outcome goals are what average people calls goals, but these goals feel like a noose progressively tightening around your neck. and make it difficult for your true spirit to breathe. especially if these outcome goals conflict with your core values. 

that is, the pressure of outcome goals makes it difficult to breathe. unless you have a clear mission statement and process goals. to guide your outcome goals.

less stress and more passion, yes 

what if? what if your core values guided all of your goal setting processes?

the result would be much less stress in your life. and much more passion about achieving your goals.

and less stress in your life and more passion in your life would become obvious to others.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

now a word about your process goals

coaching and process goals
guys, here’s the next play – the process

let’s look at a typical outcome goal. like a weight goal. many people focus on one goal – the number of pounds at the end of the weight goal. 

how about taking a different path to weight loss. and call it weight management or a healthy lifestyle strategy. let’s use the “process goal” concept instead of focusing on just an outcome goal. instead of focusing on just one number.

the process goal is a goal that allows (challenges) you to change. and allows you to focus on creating a healthy process. 

and the process goal does not put you in the position of either “win or lose.” win if you reach that magical number. or lose if you miss the magical number. process goals eliminate that constant “start-stop-fail-repeat” cycle of just focusing on one number. just one metric. 

the process goal also gives you a strategy to achieve future successes. this gives you a template that you can use again. in another arena of your life. this gives you a successful and recyclable template.

for example, instead of focusing on just weight loss (an outcome goal), how about focusing on a process goal that challenges you to change your relationship with food. and to change your relationship with your body. and challenges you to change your lifestyle. a process goal that challenges you to change your lifestyle to honor your body and your total health – physical and spiritual.

and treat your body like you would a high performance auto. and care for it like it needs to last for a lifetime. focus on the process of self-care. but not just weight loss. focus on the process of honoring your body daily. with better nutrition. and with better lifestyle habits.

what if? what if you thought of your body as spiritual and physical. connected and inseparable. just like the bible says. and you thought of your body like a temple created to honor your creator. and what if? what if you show respect to your creator by the way you treat your physical and spiritual body? as a lifestyle. not just a simple weight loss goal.

Show respect for your own body. That’s the way you show respect for your creator. This puts a “weight goal” into a different perspective. This becomes a lifestyle. No longer a simple, one-time goal. 

eat to live. not …

instead of living to eat. let’s eat to live. instead of losing a specific number of pounds by this june. or by christmas.

instead of extreme focus on an outcome goal, process goals challenge you to create a healthier lifestyle (physical and spiritual and emotional) with better health (a core value) as your criteria for all of your lifestyle habits. and this new core value encourages you to create new habits (new processes) that can be taught and caught by those you love – like your children. and grandchildren.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

lead by example from the front

you then choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

and you lead. by example. from the front.

Your son needs to see you lead - by example - from the front.
leading – by example – from the front

they will notice when you make some critical lifestyle changes. in fact, you may be surprised. your children (and grandchildren) will support and encourage you in your lifestyle changes.

and as you lead, they may choose to follow. if what they see becomes attractive to them.  

but you must lead. first. by example and from the front. 

show respect for your creator

instead of losing weight, start living today like your body and your spirit are connected. with a purpose. and your body is a reflection of your creator and your value system.  losing weight is about lifestyle, not just pounds. losing weight is about how much you value yourself. and being fit is about showing respect for your body and for your creator.

and you do not need to weigh yourself every week. just create a process for a healthier lifestyle. and you can win everyday. and when you fail, you can restart everyday. (fall down seven times; get up eight.) your entire focus is on the process, not the outcome.

your focus becomes showing respect for your creator – via your body AND your lifestyle. 

you may achieve even more

if you trust the process, you will achieve your outcome goals. and you may achieve even more than what you wanted.

what if? 

you spent leSS time in front of the FAT scrEEn 

here’s a suggested lifestyle change.

process goals (guided by a miSSion statement) will allow you to create an exercise routine. and i challenge you to spend less time (or even better, zero time) in front of your flat screen.

it’s not a flat screen. it’s really a FAT screen.

i call it the “FAT scrEEn.” because that’s where you get FAT.

embrace your proceSS goals 

change and embrace your process goals.

and your process goals will embrace and change you. forever.

let’s say that again. change and embrace your process goals. and…

let your process goals embrace and change you. FOREVER.

have you ever noticed how an outcome goal becomes LESS motivating the closer you come to achieving that goal. outcome goals lose their power and motivation once we reach the goal. and we quickly forget the process. how sad.

and you get to gain weight again. quickly.

because you just had an outcome goal, and not a process goal. 

you focused on your weight. and not on the lifestyle change.

start – stop – fail – repeat 

the result is: the average person starts and fails at a diet plan four time per year. they fail FOUR TIMES per year. because they do not have a clear process goal attached to their core values. and this process of repeated failure reinforces their failures. and reinforces their internal expectation to fail.

it a psychological plan for a lifetime of failure. 

what if ?

…if you changed your goal system?

…if you focused instead on a life miSSion statement? 

…if you did this, could you be free? reaLLy free? internally free?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

medicare insurance florida
are you held hostage by … ?

or are you held hostage by…? 

…goals that demand that you must reach a certain income, live in that prestigious zip code, and drive the right “status” vehicle, and earn your MBA degree before age 30?

and be sure to earn that MBA from the right university.

or could you live better with goals guided by a clear miSSion statement?

what is medicare
what if you lived (ALL of your life) by a miSSion statement?

i mean a miSSion statement (a core value) that defines how you choose and set goals. and guides you to create priorities (and lifestyle changes) to reach those goals.

how's your brand image
da main rule

a mission statement that is simple. a value statement that is this clear. that says the main rule is… ??? click here. below in hawai’i pidgin.

(1) Get love an aloha (love, peace, and compassion) fo da Boss yoa God, wit all yoa heart, an wit everyting inside you, an wit how you tink, an wit all yoa power.

(2) Get love an aloha (god in us) fo da odda guy jalike you get love an aloha fo yoaself.

No mo odda Rule, mo importan den dis two Rules.

Mark 12:29-31 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

and keep the main thing. the main thing.

what’s the point?

could you honor your process goals? these process goals are the goals that drive you to get things done. your normal outcome goals just add pressure and often decrease your productivity. outcome goals often defeat their purpose (like earn that MBA degree to enhance your career while you study every night, gain weight and isolate from your growing family).

sounds counterproductive to me. destroy your body and lose your family – so you can earn an MBA. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

when outcome goals become our master

some outcome goals defeat their purpose with this added pressure. some outcome goals defeat their purpose because of the shortcuts you take and the compromises you make to achieve your outcome goals.

achieve your goals? at what cost? 

in business, we are forced to sell more. regardless. damaging our brand image and brand equity while we take shortcuts. and tell half truths to clients. and become less authentic and less transparent everyday.

look at the U.S. political system

take a hard look at the compromises made and the  “selling” in politics.

look at the U.S. political system. the politician’s outcome goal is to be elected and re-elected. and to keep constituents happy. at any cost. and in the process, he/she compromises truth and transparency. loses integrity. all to achieve an outcome goal. this is what happens when you live without a clear mission statement.

what if ? 

what if you embraced the concept that you are a spiritual being on a journey? during your spiritual journey, you just happen to occupy a physical body?

and don’t worry. spiritual beings can enjoy great success with careers and family and cars and homes. but…

what if you decided to achieve everything using a clear mission statement. and your mission became so clear that you use your mission statement as a litmus test to evaluate EVERY decision you make?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you always ask?

you always ask, “does this decision meet the criteria of my mission statement?” is this decision consistent with my mission statement? what if you always ask this question before you make a final decision. on ALL things GREAT and SMALL? 

  • if this new idea fits my core values, the decision is “yes.”
  • if not, the answer is “no.”
  • simple and quick.

what if you decided to discover what is true about you? using proven standards?

what if you hired a spiritual guide to walk you through this process?

hire a spiritual guide ? what ? yes, i said “hire a spiritual guide.” 

and develop a one-to-one relationship with your spiritual guide.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you focused on…

focus on the process
what if? you JUST focused on the proceSS?

… focused on this process? and not the outcome?

what if you focused on the process? and you focused on principles. and positive personal changes. what if you exercised some patience with this process?

quality, long-lasting changes don’t come after a few short microwavable actions. you won’t change 30-year habits with one 30-second (or 30 day) action.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you walked down the path leSS traveled? 

what is true
the path that your skeptics WILL criticize

and what if you entrusted the results of all of your goals to your creator? oh no. now we’re getting spiritual. and walking down a path less traveled. also called the “path uncomfortable.” the unpopular path. the path that your skeptics will criticize publicly. and LOUDLY. 

and know this. you will feel like you are walking alone sometimes.

but what about things that last. and maTTer?

what if you framed your entire life and career around concepts that last? and refused to accept any compromises?

this doesn’t mean that you stop working. and achieving.

it does mean as you change your attitude and approach towards tasks. then your value system changes.

and you leave the results to your creator.

yes, i just said, “let go. let god.” straight from my last 12-step meeting.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you focused on… 

Your son needs these things from his father
what if you focused on things that REALLY maTTer?

… on what really maTTers?

…like the 3 things your son nEEds from his father?

…BEFORE it’s too late. 

what if you focused on your “someday goals.” goals like. someday i’ll spend more time with my children. and then you may discover that your someday goals change.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if your “someday goals” change to …

your someday goals change to today’s goals and today’s realities. what if? instead of your normal 12 hour work day. you come home and re-introduce yourself to your sons. and throw the football in the back yard before supper. and wash dishes with your sons. and play CandyLand for 2 hours with your youngest son. what if?

daniel on motorcycle 400 x 300
what if you took him motorcycle shopping FOR NO REASON

grandpa, what if? what if you learned how to play CandyLand?

or learned how to play MineCraft with your 10-year-old grandson? 

what if? you started working on your spiritual goals. no, not more tasks and projects assigned by your church. you know, those tasks that go on your project list. goals assigned to you by your church. no, not another church project.

but what if your new focus were to become a spiritual guide to one guy. and, eventually, several guys. one at time. just like we saw this process in the bible. this process was very clearly outlined in the bible.

like 2 Timothy 2:2 in Hawai’i Pidgin.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if?

and what if you become the spiritual guide (the spiritual example) to the ones who matter most?

and what if you sought spiritual leadership? for yourself. and you hired a spiritual coach. (you already have a fitness coach) and what if you met with your spiritual coach once or twice a week? so you could both stay on track. what if?

i know if you’ve read this far, you are seriously considering changing. writing new core values. taking the road less traveled. the path uncomfortable.

i know you’re pausing here to think a little.  and doubt a little.

you’re challenging the sense of this whole thought.

i know you’re skeptical.

here’s a critical question.

if not now, then when?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you put FIRST… ?

what is medicare
what if you put FIRST things FIRST?

… put FIRST things FIRST? I mean really put first things first. 

now. pause.

think about it. first things first.

now look again at the man resting on the red question mark. it’s decision time. that’s you. what if? you reaLLy put first things first.

what if your spiritual life came first? really first. what if you did that? how would that look. you’re normally on your morning run at 6:00 a.m. BUT NOW you read something (anything – just to start) spiritual at 5:30 a.m. and now you’re processing and thinking and praying about this information while you’re running at 6:00 a.m.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you started this now? today.

and what if? at night you replaced all of your worthless late night NetfFlix time and gaming time (in front of your FAT scrEEn) with something worthwhile. like expanding your mind and watching several TEDTalks (ideas worth spreading) before you retire at night.

watching with you spouse and your children. encouraging new thinking. and creating new process goals. new habits.

from my experience, i can say, “WOW !!!” this is changing the way i think. and the quality of my sleep. and dreams.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you changed. EVERYthing? 

how's your brand image
what if you changed your night time routine?

and you let these new ideas (from TEDTalks) process in your mind at night. instead of your steady diet of violence consumed every night via NetFlix. and other in-your-home violence providers.

what if you set a beTTer example?

what if? how would this change your sleep and dreams and thinking? and how would this change your sons and daughters by the example you are setting? what if you made these changes?

if not you, then who?

if not now, then when? 

what if you hired a spiritual coach…

  • to coerce you?
  • to persuade your?
  • to change your world?
  • to help you make these changes?
  • to embarrass you into some radical changes?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

why change now? because…

friday worked late 404x404
why change now? because …

… no one ever reminisces about the friday that they worked late!!! or the weekends that they worked. the dance recitals you missed. the soccer games, the swim meets, or the special days at school that you missed.

on the other hand? 

what if you don’t change? what if you choose NOT TO CHANGE. what if you continue to focus on only the outcome goals imposed by your business and church and your personal environment?

and what if you continue to binge on mindless t.v. time and gaming time at night? in front of your “Fat Screen.” what if you continue to destroy your mind and body?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if?

in 20 years …

what if? you make no changes. how will your life look. and feel. in 20 years from now?

i died on december 31st
someday goals – why not NOW ?


what scares you more?

is it the change?

or the results of no change? 

i am most afraid of no change.

it’s your move. you get to choose. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

[ end of “what if ?”  blogpost ]

Wordz4U [006]

Be Cool or Be the Angry Fool.

Be cool or be an angry fool - Bobby Knight
Be cool or be the angry fool – Bobby Knight


… from a wise (not me) and seasoned parent and Sunday School teacher.

And I’ll say it for you in several different ways.

You pick the expression you WANT TO USE, and use it TODAY.

The first choice is MY CHOICE for today.

Because it just rolls off my tongue the easiest.

Be cool or act the fool.

Be patient. When you’re NOT COOL, you LOOK like a FOOL.

Be cool or be fool - Mark Cuban
Be cool or look the fool – Mark Cuban

Be Cool or Be the Angry Fool.

  • Be patient, or look the fool.
  • Be cool or act the fool.
  • Fools have short fuses.
  • Fools EXPLODE all too quickly.
  • But the wise QUIETLY shrug off insults.
  • A fool vents freely, but the WISE MAN keeps himself under control.
  • A fools shows ALL HIS ANGER, but the wise “stills” his feelings.
  • A fool lets it all hang out, but a sage QUIETLY mulls it over.
  • The RASH language of a fool CUTS and MAIMS.
  • But the words of the WISE HEAL.
  • Be patient.
  • Be CALMLY diligent.

References: Proverbs 12:16 – 18 

Proverbs 29:11 (from various versions)

My Personal Story

I have lived a life time of “losing my cool” due to my anger and lack of patience.

I can recall many embarrassing moments and regrets about my angry behavior. Angry moments as a coach and parent (and grandparent) and spouse.

Remember, your words can “cut and maim.” You do NOT get a second chance to “un-say” those hateful words or to “re-do” those regretful moments.

You can NOT “un-ring the bell.”

These angry moments are PERMANENT in the minds of the TARGETS OF YOU ANGER and impatience. Usually, the ones you love the most.

Be cool or be the angry fool - Mark Cuban
Be cool or be the angry fool – Mark Cuban

Questions for You | and Me ?

  • When is the last time you LOST YOUR COOL and looked like the fool ?
  • Do you know the TRIGGERS for losing your cool ?
  • Have you ever seen someone else lose their cool ?
  • How BAD did they look ?
  • How do you look when you lose your cool ?
  • How do others see you when you lose your cool ?


  • How do your CHILDREN see you ?
  • How does your SPOUSE see you ?
  • How do your CO-WORKERS see you ?


Ya gotta ask yourself, “Do I wanna change ?”

After your ACTIONS and WORDS have “MAIMED” someone, apologies do NOT HEAL the wounds.

Apologies are weak. 

CHANGE in YOUR ACTIONS is the only solution.

And the only CHANGES THAT MATTER are the changes you make.


CHANGES YOU MAKE TODAY. The only changes that matter. 

Wordz4U [003]

Here are today’s Wordz 4 U !!!

Better than FacebOOk surfing.

Words 4 U to READ while you’re in the CAR LINE

  • at school,
  • at your bank, and
  • at Panera Bread.

Treasure WISdom.

  • Do what wisdom tells you.
  • What’s wisdom ?
  • Wisdom is a combination of insight , relevant knowledge and experience, and intuitive thinking. What ?
  • Knowledge,
  • Experience, and
  • Intuitive thinking that is relevant.

So sEEk WISDOM from sources that have…  

  • relevant knowledge,
  • relevant experience, and
  • intuitive thinking.

Do what WiSdOm says and you’ll live weLL.

  • Wisdom is as precious as your EYEsight.
  • Protect it.
  • And write it on the back of you hands,
  • OR in EVERnote.
  • And put WISDOM in your SmArT phone.
When you find WISDOM, protect it like your EYEsight !!
When you find WISDOM, protect it like your EYEsight !!

Questions 4 U ?

  • What are YOUR sources for wisdom ?
  • Do YOUR sources have relevant knowledge, relevant experience, and perceptive insights ?
  • Do your sources have favorable results ?
  • What is the track record of your sources for wisdom ? 
  • Is it time to RECHECK and REthink your sources for wisdom ?

Once you find a source of wisdom …

  • Protect it.
  • Protect it like your EYEsight.
  • Treat WISDOM as a dear friend.
  • Write it on the back of your hands.
  • Put it in your smart phone.
  • Make notes of WISDOM in EVERnote.

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