questions you should ask …

so here’s the “Ask Your Dad” challenge.

here are some questions to ask dad, or your grandpa.

why? it will be fun.

and enlightening, and…

because someday you will say

I wish I had

– or – 

I’m glad I did. 

which will it be for you?

i want it to be “I’m glad I did.” 

here’s the challenge. ask your father one of these questions.

using Facebook LIVE if ya have the courage.

do ya have the courage?

or ask more than one question.

keep your video under 5 minutes.

now read the questions below.

and go. do it.
ask your dad…
  • dad, what are your favorite memories of grandpa?
  • what was your grade school like?
  • who was your favorite teacher? and what do you remember about them?
  • did you really go to a one-room school house?
  • did you really walk 4 miles to school every day? uphill both ways?
  • who was your best friend in grade school?
  • what was the name of your grade school girlfriend?
  • what did you do in school to get in trouble?
  • growing up what did you wanna be?
  • what is the hardest thing you ever had to do in life?
  • what are your three greatest accomplishments?
  • what are your three greatest regrets?
  • what are three things that you still wanna do?

of course, you can make your own dad questions. 

ask dad a question

but have the courage to do this via Facebook LIVE and share.

remember some day you will say either

I wish I had

– or –

I’m glad I did. 

have some fun. if you thought of some more great questions (i know ya did), please write them in the comments below.


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