loving it

when is the last time YOU swam with sharks?

have you ever been up close and personal” with a shark?

when is the last time you’ve been kitesurfing in the ocean?

have you ever been kitesurfing? at all?

i’ve never been free diving with sharks, or kitesurfing. and that’s gotta change. 

so i had this crazy idea one morning.

it all started one morning (2107/02/02 @ approximately 09:17:28 a.m. ET) with this crazy idea. kinda weird. but kinda comfortable. and then the rest felt like a story. like a dream. but it was real. i think it was real. you decide.

join me as I write my story. in advance.

if you have NEVER been in open water with sharks, or kitesurfing. then that’s gotta change. you gotta change.

dream it. write it. live it. love it.

necker island sir richard branson
dream it – write it – live it – love it – do it again

[quick link to necker island and short version of story here]

the bigger the dream the bigger the struggle.

but the bigger the struggle, the bigger you can dream.

so thank god for your struggles.

don’t pray for less struggles. pray for the tools you need to overcome your big struggles.

necker island is about big dreams, big risks, big struggles. big failures. about falling down 7 times and getting up 8…

what is the X-factor?

what if you had the benefit of the x-factor during your struggles?

a guide, a trainer (and a support group) – someone who understands your struggles, your fears. and someone who has a plan for you?

maybe i could be your guide. or we could just do this together. you know, you take the lead when i’m tired. and vice versa. like drafting runners. exchanging the lead periodically. like geese flying in a “V” formation who exchange the lead. so the leader can rest.

[insert storybrand here]

what if you had someone like that helping you? encouraging you?

my struggles – but I had the X-Factor

so we’re talking about struggles now. I would much rather talk about “living it.” this makes me sound successful. makes me feel successful. maybe even in control of my life.

dream it. write it. live it. love it.

dream it. write it. live it. but first share your struggles. ya just gotta share your struggles, because that is where (in our struggles) we connect. we bond in the foxholes of life. not in the good times.

most people just see our highlight moments. but how do you connect with da “Jamaican Bolt.” if all you see are his “gold medal moments.” if ya don’t know about his struggles. if you don’t know about the tough times, ya can’t connect.

ya gotta know usain bolt’s training schedule
ya don’t know his training schedule

ya gotta know usain bolt’s training schedule before you can fully appreciate his gold medals and world records.

crash test training

[insert specific struggle story (from readers) here]
crash test page - because grandpa wants to save you some pain
ya gotta study to be a guide

are you stuck? 

stuck in the hesitation of pride – why is it so hard to face the truth. maybe because it is pretty dull and boring and average. unexciting. you have dreamt of all the big goals and commitments. but ended with a lack of effective actions.

what would you say on stage? 

write the story to be used on stage – about struggle and triumph – and the will to overcome – the guide/s who understood your fears and gave you a plan that called you to action that resulted in success. and who helped along the way.

the many faces of a failure

medicare insurance florida
we all get stuck sometime

the frustrating start / stop conundrum.

the big commitment followed by the weak and inconsistent efforts.

the regrets of what I did not do, what I did not attempt.

the regrets of i wish i had.”

wouldn’t you rather say, i’m glad i did.”

the many regrets of a failure

[insert: what would you do if you had all the money/resources?]

someday you will say, “i wish I had.” or “i’m glad I did.”

“if i had… (done this), i would be finished by now.”

for ten years. or more. I wanted to earn an MBA. because. just because. and I continued to procrastinate. lots of valid reasons. and all reasons were different versions of “no time. no money.” and maybe “no courage.”

every year I said, “i wish I had. I wish I had enrolled and started.”

let’s make this happen. today.

one day I went to the registrar’s office of the university and said, “i have no time. no money. I want to earn an MBA. let’s make this happen. today.”

readers are leaders
what is an APA?

about 3 years later, at age 57, I had earned an MBA in accountancy. which represented 51 graduate credit hours. I sacrificed evenings, weekends, holidays. I rested two days. I only celebrated two Christmas eves with family during that time. it was not easy. i was working three part time jobs during that time. my undergraduate degrees were in biology and chemistry. I had not taken one undergraduate accounting or finance or business course. so I enrolled in an undergraduate accounting class while pursuing my MBA.

i didn’t even know what APA was. and APA style and format were required for all writing assignments. I did graduate. in may 2007.

in may 2007, I had earned my MBA degree. I said, “I’m glad I did.”

i didn’t know at the time. but this really motivated my adult children.

then it was time to celebrate. like a tree full of drunken monkeys.

drunken monkeys
party like drunken monkeys

during those three years, every tax class, law class, accounting class, economics class – all seemed like an uphill struggle. I had never written in APA format nor written to an itemized rubric. never. and the instructors were serious about APA and rubrics. so I learned how to write in APA format (took classes on how to do that) and how to meet the requirements of every point and half point of the “rubric god.” and graduated with 3.66/4.0 gpa.

i’m glad i did. no regrets.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

perma-notes to author

that ugly first draft

most people don’t want to look behind the curtain. and see the struGGles to succEEd. the real struggles to win. the ugly first draft of your life story.

the world does not owe you a comfort dog

in this battle – called life – the world does not offer you a comfort dog, nor put you in a safe place. no free pizza. ya gotta earn it. no bubble wrap here to protect you from the bullies.

the world does not owe you a free comfort dog.

ya need an X-Factor

ya need that x-factor. everybody needs an x-factor to succeed. a guide. a buddy by your side. someone who knows your fear. someone who can really empathize. someone who has credibility (real street cred) with you. has some usable knowledge, shares your experiences, your struggles, your pain. and has a plan to get your ass outta da jungle. and to the med evac chopper.

viet nam war
ya need a friend willing to carry you – your X-Factor

perma-notes to da author

(1) – first note – this is a piece written (selfishly) to motivate me. to keep me motivated. to keep me moving forward. so I can clearly see my reality. and so i can see what could be. purely selfish intentions here. about me and for me. but i am willing to share. so (to my reader) change this scenario to you and for you. if ya like. put yourself in this picture. and let’s do this together.

(2) – second, by sharing, some people may connect. relate. be inspired. you may see your reality more clearly in my reality. you may see what could be for you. you may be relieved. and inspired. willing to try again.

and by being inspired. some people may dance again – [dancing man video]. live again. love again. without abandon. and lose your sick, average thinking. average makes me want to vomit. 

you’re neither hot nor cold. you’re lukewarm. average. average makes me want to vomit. uggh!

You’re stale. You’re stagnant. You make me want to vomit. – revelation 3:15-17 – the message (MSG)

You guys stay in da middle. You no care. So I goin bahf you guys outa my mout! – revelation 3:15-17 – hawai’i pidgin (HWP)

(3) – connect in our struggles. but we must all connect in our struggles. sometimes we become brave – together – by hiding together. for a short season when necessary. hunkering in the foxhole. bonding in our fears. then we can emerge from our foxhole. we can face the fear – together – and learn courage. with bullets of criticism and self-doubt whizzing by our heads. together with your guide. your foxhole buddy. your x-factor. remember, the guy who has a plan to get your ass outta da jungle. and to the med evac chopper. ya need that x-factor.

(4) – we connect via our daily grinding. that non-glamorous place with no participation trophies, just putting one foot in front of the other. no applause. no participation trophy. no cool photo opp. (no photo opps at 4:24 a.m.) grinding daily. working. running the hill that we gotta run to tone our muscles. and minds. running that demon hill. daily.

(5) – so if you’re not willing to embrace the struggle. then take your comfort dog. go home. leave the work to real women. real men. i’m not trying to offend you. i have limited time. I just want to work with those people who are willing to work. I want to work with the strugglers. and winners. not the whiners.

I have no time for the whiners.

putting one foot in front of another
putting one fOOt in front of another


if ya want to write your story.

write like this.

a character with a problem meets a guide who understands her fear and gives her a plan which calls her to action that results in success or that results in failure.

it works. it works every time.

facts tell. but stories sell.

  • (1) a character (the heroine of our story)
  • (2) with a problem (external, internal, philosophical)
  • (3) meets a guide (you)
  • (4) who understands her fear and
  • (5) gives her a plan
  • (6) that calls her to action
  • (7) which results in success or
  • (8) which results in failure.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

originally i had an alternate title for this page – mein kampf – but… 

[got to be a better title than mein kampf – ?] necker island and sir richard branson sells better that mein kampf and adolf hitler

I really don’t like the title “mein kampf” due to the implied reference to adolf hitler. I like the title, “living it.” it’s much more positive. but mein kampf allows me to write about my struggles. and to write about the bigger picture of the average human and her struggles. not concentration camp level struggles, nor struggles with cancer. but average struggles. struggles that everyone has daily. just staying focused. dealing with children and grandchildren. achieving goals at work. at home. in sports. meeting writing deadlines. or simple, daily struggles like getting out of your bed on time to get to school, to work. or the daily struggle i have at 04:24 a.m. every morning.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *  *  *