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warning: this info is random and unorganized. intentionally. this is an un-promoted page of america’s grumpiest grandpa. intentionally not promoted. but public, not private. so no password is required. just created for specific insiders who have asked to see certain spontaneous and unedited thought processes of grandpa. feel free to use what you want and to ignore the rest.

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what attracts?

focus on that one thing
images that pop and stop

what attracts people to YOUR LIVE videos?

  • your vibrant (pulsing with energy) ideas
  • your authentic (genuine) personality
  • your paSSion (fervor, fire in the belly)  AND compaSSion (empathy)
  • your confidence AND genuine humility (unassuming) 
  • your DIZZ-R-UUP-TIVE (disrupts and displaces existing thinking) content and delivery | the jesus syndrome | challenge everything. regardless. and disruption creates a blue ocean strategy
  • and positioning yourself as the guide who understands the character’s fear and her problem in the storybrand model.
  • all of this combined becomes your brand image. and the number of viewers is the metric that represents your growing brand equity.

ask yourself: is my brand vibrant, authentic, passionate, humble, disruptive? could my brand be more effective?

tagline for grandpa’s live videos: bringing you what you NEED, not just what you WANT. disrupting your world intentionally. not like everybody else.

disruptive thinking and living

LIVE topic: jesus – the GREAT disruptor. jesus was disruptive. everywhere he went, jesus disrupted his environment. the status quo. jesus was so disliked. accused of things he never did. despised by both democrats and republicans. eventually betrayed and murdered for his disruptive actions. jesus was despised by the “status quo.” the “status quo” hated when jesus told them the truth. but the disruptive nature of jesus changed the world.

blue ocean strategy

create a unique place (a unique idea, a unique way of expressing an old idea) where no one has ever been.

in images, show the viewer something she has never seen before. from an angle she has never seen. from above the scene, from below. from a different perspective. how does the image look up close. very close.

the same is true with video and words, share ideas from a different angle, a different perspective. challenge traditional ideas. the world looks flat, but is it really flat? the earth appears to be the center of the universe, but is it really the center?

without money, you are poor. but are you really poor? or just free from the burdens of the rich?

create a unique place (a unique idea, a unique way of expressing an old idea) where no one has ever been.

where the competition is irrelevant (blue ocean strategy).

for example, look at the video rental industry evolving from the video rental brick store (block buster) to red box (innovative) to (the not brick store, but the click store) Netflix instant video (disruptive) on demand and unique videos created solely for Netflix viewers (disruptive).

netflix took the customer to a place in the video industry where no one has been before. where competition with block buster is irrelevant. and no more late fees. and no more begging me to rewind. do you remember, “be kind, please rewind?” do you remember the one dollar rewind fee? long, long time ago.

netflix was disruptive to the video industry. making the competition irrelevant.

what value?

what value are LIVE videos to your business? your ministry? your organization? your brand?

LIVE videos…

  • create a more personal experience with you
  • establish and clarify your brand
  • grow your brand equity
  • show your customers that you are tech savvy (they need to know this. they want to know this.)
  • create some measure of credibility for having the courage to “go LIVE” on video. (not everyone has this courage.)

topics for live video

ideas that grab your attention

your topics may be traditional ideas presented in a unique fashion. or from a nontraditional viewpoint.

topics for facebook LIVE videos in EVERnote

more topics right here at good. god. stuff. that. matters.

and even more notes in evernote. but not shared with the public.

re-purposing existing content

you have all the pieces you need

re-purposing published content and non-published content

re-purposed the volumes of notes and ideas in evernote and in published and unpublished blogs and pages in wordpress

coNNect facebOOk to blog

attract and coNNect

list links here (and below) with titles from facebook live

list ideas with links supported by a blog

and ideas partially supported by evernote

kOOl kids know how to have fun

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Have a meSSy Christmas. Just say NO to Pinterest-Perfect.
kool kids know how to have fun

let’s be clear about building your brand.

live videos are one component in building your brand. all part of your brand strategy. creating awareness for your brand. but you must capture viewers attention. permanently.

viewers must become one of your blog subscribers. otherwise, you can’t help them long term.

join the other kOOl kids

so your call to action is to join the rest of the kool kids. by subscribing. the price your viewers pay to be one of the kool kids is to give me your email address. and permission to send quality stuff to your email address. and i will respect the gift of this piece of your privacy.

collect and protect

protect your tribe, your herd, your parade

after all of your hard work in building your brand and giving of yourself. you collect email addresses. and the real intellectual property that you own is your domain name and your interweb traffic and subscriber list.

just rented space

all of the space you have on social media (facebook and others) is rented space . you must know that the landlord of this rented space is more concerned about protecting his real estate than the renter (which is you). and you, the renter, rent this intellectual space. day by day. because the rules (algorithms matter) can change here any day. at any time. without your permission. you have no written agreement with your landlord. you do not have a long term lease agreement. just day by day.

facebook changes. google changes. when THEY WANT to change. for their benefit. and neither facebook nor google will consult you before they change. they protect their algorithms. and their brand. their algorithms (their secret sauce) are heavily guarded secrets. and their algorithms usually change as soon as anyone starts to understand them.

for example, how many iterations of google have you seen? more than one, for sure. 

protect your ASS-et

so collect and protect. your subscribers. your tribe members. this is the real monetize-able equity that results from building your brand.

so protect them.

respect them.

your subscribers are the heroes and heroines in your storybrand.

you are just the guide. a valuable guide. but just the guide. not the major character. not the hero. your subscribers are the heroines and heroes in your storybrand.

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players waiting in the locker room

your best ideas are your best players. waiting in the locker room. patiently. no, waiting impatiently.

your best ideas were born to be heard. to compete. to be seen by the world.

when you meet an elite, competitive athlete, you know that they are disciplined. but impatient with themselves and their progress. they want to compete at an elite level. the same is true for your ideas.

ready and waiting impatiently

your players are your best ideas waiting in the locker room. in the holding area. waiting impatiently in the staging area. listening to music on their iPhones. waiting for their heat to swim. their race. ready and waiting. eagerly waiting for their next gold medal opportunity. winners win.

great ideas are even greater when they are released.

and your best ideas want to race. they want to be heard and seen. and win.

waiting for GAME time – ideas

LIVE video locker room

ideas ready and just chilling – waiting for game time

here is where I store my LIVE video ideas. and store some links to the background behind already published LIVE videos. so don’t be frustrated if you have come here from a link on facebook (or a blogpost, or an email link someone shared with you). and some of this material seems incomplete to you. that may mean that the video was released before my idea was completely written. because my writing and ideas are often incomplete. writing is art. and writing is often a constant work in progress. so I have some incomplete ideas and writing. just deal with it.

patience - under construction
patience – workers in progress ahead

here are some topics you have seen or you will soon see and hear from america’s grumpiest grandpa on facebook LIVE.

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detoxify | declutter | simplify your world

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

# – the ONE thing | da main ting

play to your strengths | your passion | the marketplace (insert image of venn diagram with three intersecting circles. where your skill set, your passion and the marketplace intersect – this is where you will discover your success.)

for example, recently I started writing for a ministry with great success and impressive, measurable results. moving email open rates as measured by constant contact from 25.9% to 63.1% in a matter of three months. my strength and passion for writing birthed some amazing success.

but without an opportunity for me to monetize my success in this narrow marketplace. one essential component is missing – a viable marketplace for me. if I had this level of success in the corporate world with Disney, I would be looking at a multi-million dollar bonus check for the year. of course, with a 143% increase in results. so marry your skill set to your passion in the right marketplace – resulting in financial success. three components combined – your passion, your unique skill sets, and a profitable marketplace.

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what can you learn from a pinewood derby?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

what if

this is a big humongous life decision.  what if your outside matched your inside. transparently, authentically. manifesting your core values. with zero regard for what others think. living your life like jesus or paul – without regard for political correctness. almost reckless like jesus. you’re on a mission. focused. and the clock is ticking. this idea is disruptive. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

someday you will say. “i wish I had.” or “i’m glad I did.”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

write your own story

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three things your son needs to hear from you

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ya got too many apps on your phone and in your life

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