the fat man sings

from da old fat white boy

2017-11-01 || know that this blog rambles. because it is authentic and transparent. and unfiltered. as a result, it is somewhat unorganized. this is NOT tidy and organized – clean from start to finish with three bullet points in the middle. ending with an eloquent piece of quotable wisdom.

many authors write like that just to make themselves sound good. i do not find much value in that for me. or for you. rather by talking honestly and transparently, i trust that we will connect better. connect at a dEEper level. and you will be encouraged to know that others also struggle through the 4th quarter of their lives. trying to find their focus and purpose in the last 20 years of life. re-calibrating (to use corporate training terminology) from their old set of standards.

janis joplin – oh, lord, won’t ya buy me a mercedes benz

we struggle especially when we realize that we must re-calibrate. again. and re-start where we are and with what we have (ugh!) to achieve some meaningful goals. knowing at best, we may not reach our 4th quarter goals. but we can enjoy the journey. daily.

we can make a difference and make some noise like we did in the 50’s and 60’s. regardless of our age. so, yes, let’s live this 4th quarter like the 50’s and 60’s and get loud and rowdy.

last sunday, a lady told me how obnoxious i was while cheering for my grandson and his basketball team. i said, “why, thank you.” she couldn’t appreciate my unbridled enthusiasm. she just didn’t understand me. yes, loud and “make-some-noise” rowdy is the way i choose to live. you and i have been quiet too long.

get rowdy with me. even if your bones are old. your spirit is still as youthful as janis joplin. almost. 

[note to webmaster: on thursday, march 09, 2017. started writing from time of  hip replacement (june 01, 2016) and recovery – explaining the recovery process and the “before” hip replacement image and “state of the onion” for da fat white boy.]

this is the authentic and transparent story of the an fat man trying to get his 18-year-old body back. my doctor says “no.” but i say “yes.” and i believe in me. more than my doctor. i honestly do not know how this will end. in success? or in another tragic failure? of goals not accomplished? let’s see. 

if this does end in another failure, i will have one more reason to not try the next time. ya know how that feels. your accumulated failures are screaming at you. taunting you and saying,

“you can’t do this. remember last time. what makes you think you can do it this time.” 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

this scares me.

you have nothing to fear, but …

warning: i am authentic and transparent about change and this process. change can be ugly. so this info and my honesty may be offensive to you. parts of this are candid. and may insult you if you’re sensitive. so proceed at your own risk. if you find this offensive, it is not for you. so delete. and go somewhere else. or just deal with it. and keep reading. 

Zero Fear
what others think is irrelevant

this is an un-promoted page of america’s grumpiest grandpa. intentionally not promoted. but public, not private. so no password is required. just created for select insiders who have asked to hear the truth about making changes in lifestyle.

feel free to use what you want and to ignore the rest.

you have nothing to lose. only everything to lose. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

no one bets on the under dog

nothing to lose, but everything

so an old fat man wants to change. and get his life back. in the 4th quarter of his life. (where are you? 2nd quarter? 3rd quarter? 4th quarter like me?) the chances of this old fat man succeeding are slim. but everyone likes an under dog. yes, every one likes the under dog. but no one bets on the under dog. because they like to watch the struggle. and it makes a great story. if the under dog wins.

and the truth is some people just like to see other people fail. 

why do i have to do this? 

why do i have to write this story? not “want” to write this story, but i “must.” because my story may help one person. you.

and writing may be the competitive edge i need to succeed. maybe, just maybe, i’ll succeed so i won’t be embarrassed about one more failure. 

let’s do this

maybe you can relate. maybe you can learn. maybe you can change. maybe my story is what you need to hear to change. maybe you will do better than me. and you need to defeat someone today. maybe my story is what will save your ass. maybe mine. enough chit-chat. let’s just do this. 

2017 | 03 | 08 – wednesday

take 3 – change 3 – for 3 months – and see what happens.

[note: 2017-11-05] – i entirely lost. i failed badly. i dropped 20 pounds. got discouraged. and gained all of that weight back again. i am living proof that people start and stop 3 to 4 weight loss programs per year. and fail.

lesson learned: being transparent and authentic does NOT make failure feel any better. and i still look and feel fat. and discouraged. i have one more failure in my inventory. and feeling worst than if i had not tried. 

2017 | 03 | 08 – wednesday

and my only goal is to get enough results fast enough to pay for my monthly modere order in 60 days. and that requires 3 customers. (?) i think. and that doesn’t really matter to me, because i just want some measurable results in 30 days.

maybe a loss of 20 lbs.

from 247 to 227 by end of march. realistic? 

and then 197 by june 22, 2017 – my birthday – age 67.

and 168 by october. my mother’s 90th birthday. 

i start modere m3 [insert link here – with my code] program. (1) – burn in the morning. (2) – sustain in the afternoon. (3) – sync in the evening. and change 3 lifestyle habits. (1) – no coffee and cream and sugar. (2) – walk 10,000 steps or more per day per fitbit. (3) – apples instead of bagels. ok, time to rock and roll.

2017 | 03 | 06 – monday

here goes – from the beginning. on 2017-03-06 Monday at 09:47 a.m. eastern time. this is not where the story begins. but this is where i started to write about it. 

i have tried and failed many, many times. and now i have reached a point of exasperation with self. desperation. and disgust with self. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

eating habits

today i made some decisions about my lifestyle and eating habits. i bought two bags of apples. one for my car. and one placed beside my office desk. and i bought some cauliflower for my office. and no more hot coffee at panera bread. only iced coffee. i have always used cream and sugar in my hot coffee. so the change to iced coffee is WITHOUT cream and sugar. the apples in the car are for snacks and meals. no more bagels and butter at panera bread. only apples. no more chips at my desk, only apples. and cauliflower ‘cuz i like the texture of cauliflower. and the way it naturally creates bite-size pieces. it just feels like a snack. crazy, huh?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *


my fitbit buzzes at 10 minutes before the hour from 06:00 a.m. til 11:50 a.m. and i walk 1,000 steps at those times. from my office desk at panera bread (lake nona) to the piazza italia restaurant and back – 1,000 steps. carrying two 4 # weights. so by noon, i have walked at least 6,000 steps. and i am assured that i will finish my day with 10,000 steps or more. this is a good discipline for me. and it keeps my mind clear while i write. and puts some needed time pressures on me. to write and produce within a 50 minute deadline. 

and in orlando, there is no reason not to walk outside. except for hurricanes. no ice. no snow. no zero degrees with an excessive wind chill factor. heat and humidity, yes. but no unbearable wind chill factor. 

no excuses not to walk. 

2107 | 03 | 07 – tues

same ting as yesterday in da morning. panera bread at lake nona. iced coffee with no cream. no sugar. kinda bitter tasting. but i did start well @ 04:14 a.m. up and listening to eric thomas on YouTube by 04:45 a.m. i always start my day with ET.  a great way to start your day. 

now i need to go back. in time. just far enough to give you an accurate picture of my lifestyle before “the fat man sings.” 

detoxify your world

before i started with the physical changes. or the attempts at physical changes. i had two major thought events. and, no, i didn’t realize that they were major events at the time. in hind sight, i realized that these two thoughts were game changers for me. what were they ? (1) – what if thinking, and (2) – detoxify.

i did not know what (nor the why) i was doing at the time. i did not know the impact on my life. but the internal changes needed to happen before the external changes. and the internal changes must outpace the external changes. i must see myself differently before i can make massive external changes.

without massive internal changes, my external changes would be temporary.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

win the internal war first …

it’s your time

win the internal war …

… to win the external battle. i know this may not make much sense. but, in time, this will become clear. hopefully, my experiences will shorten your learning curve.

remember, experience is the best teacher. and other peoples’ experiences are the cheapest teachers. because they co$t much, much le$$. wow. this is so tweetable. 

win the internal war

my internal change, my spiritual journey, was the beginning of weight change. and my extreme “makeover.” my battle is not just a weight battle. it is an extended spiritual world war between myself and “darkness.” (you define “darkness” for yourself. i don’t want to argue here. abut religious stuff. and lose you. darkness is darkness regardless of what you name it. so continue reading, if you want to embrace some massive changes in your life.)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

read [ what if ] to  understand my beliefs about darkness. just know that you need to address the spiritual battle to win the physical battle. otherwise, external success will be temporary. sadly. i have taken a lifetime to learn this. temporary could last for years. but will not last a lifetime. win the internal battle. then face the external battle.

at 08:03 a.m., my fitbit just proclaimed, “you won the hour!” when you win the hour, you win the day. when you win the day, you… – another great tweetable. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

hubie wins the 5K challenge 

editorial note: a friend of mine (hubie – short for howard) at panera bread just ran a 5 K last saturday at age 60. under 30 minutes. WOWzer !!! is that awesome or what? hubie’s next goal is to run a 5 K with his son. that is awesome. way to go, hubie. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

2016 | 06 | 01 – hip replacement surgery

[need notes about hip recovery from EVERnote]

start some back tracking here. with story details and pictures if possible

  • images and financial details.
  • jail time.
  • smart people make stupid decisions.
  • even the same stupid decisions more than once.  

if you’re gonna be vulnerable, then be vulnerable. no time for half measures. nor trying to protect your ego. be transparent and authentic. let it go. and see what happens. nothing to lose.

but weight. ha ! i amuse myself. 

2016 | 06 | 21 – body surfing

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

notes to webmaster

  • make this transparent – totally
  • authentic – with no literary drama nor effects added
  • with authentic images
  • real data and dates
  • reference this page occasionally on fb LIVE and other blogposts
  • write an intro that captures attention 
  • the intro (and images) needs to compel the reader to continue

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