Pinewood Derby – five leSSons learned

five leSSons learned from a pinewOOd derby

five leSSons learned from a pinewOOd derby
5 ounces of fun and fury

(1) – glue is really important.

glue is always important. don’t go to a pinewOOd derby without glue. in fact, don’t leave home without glue. and, if ya live in missouri, take some masking tape, too. just don’t “high-five” your friends with super glue on your hands. don’t ask me how i learned this.

(2) – maybe graphite won’t help you win the race.

having graphite on you wheels sounds really cOOl. but it doesn’t mean you’re gonna win the race. but on second thought. yeah, graphite on your wheels is really important. because it just sounds cOOl. and sounding cOOl can be really important. at the pinewOOd derby. sometimes.

(3) – technology is great. until it isn’t.

technology is not always great. like when the high tech timing machine decides to quit. maybe it’s the software driver or the … ? (and more nerd talk) maybe after two hours of frustrating techno-agony, it’s time to use a pencil and a yellow pad and your eyeballs to time the races. just like your dad used to do.

(4) – weigh matters.

hey, weight does matter. but nothing more than 5 ounces.

and 5 ounces can be powerful. just 5 ounces can win a race. 

(5) – murphy’s law is everywhere 

murphy’s law really is EVERYwhere. murphy’s law does not play favorites. mr. murphy has no mercy. even at a pinewOOd derby.

mr. murphy can invite himself to even the best planned events.

isn’t it is amazing what you can learn at the pinewOOd derby?

five leSSons learned from a pinewOOd derby
having fun at pinewood derby

you can learn a lot at a pinewOOd derby.

(# 6) – a bonus leSSon

you can always have fun with a group of cub scouts.

if ya can’t have fun with cub scouts, then ya need to re-think your life.

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detoxify your life in 2017 with four simple steps

detoxify your life in 2017. with four simple steps.

detoxify your life in 2017. here they are.  four simple steps and just four minutes to read them.

4 steps to detoxify your life in 2017
detox your life in 2017

sometimes you need that special guide in your life who understands your problem and your fears. and you want this guide to tell you what to do to make some needed changes. hey, i’m that guy for the next four minutes. i’m the guy behind the mask.

how to detOx your life

  • de = delete toxic people.
  • t  = ten more minutes of exercise.
  • O = Original. become the Original you again.
  • x = the “X” factor that winners use.

detox | de = delete toxic people

detox by deleting toxic people. simple. but not easy. you will need to exit some of your toxic friends who bring that unwanted drama to your life.

delete the drama on facebook (and other social media). delete the crazy and loud friends on your social media. delete the crazy political rants and links and liked pages. this is directly within your control.

delete toxic friends. and delete people who do not support your value system. you don’t owe anything to them. you don’t have to listen to them.

love yourself. delete toxic friends. you’re worth it.

delete those people who take you to places you do not want to go. including physical places, bad places in your mind, emotional places. you get the idea. these toxic people are emotional black holes for you. delete them.

if your friends do not support your goals and core values, delete them. delete these toxic people from your life. simple, not easy.

delete toxic friends. this is within your control. and is a tremendous time-saver for you. this frees time for you. this creates some positive mental space for you.

detox | t = ten more minutes of exercise

add just ten minutes of exercise to your life every day. studies show this has health and emotional benefits.

I do this by using my fitbit. the alarm sounds 10 minutes before the hour every hour between 6:00 a.m. and noon. so I get more than “ten minutes more.” adding ten minutes of exercise every day detoxifies your physical body.

love yourself. add ten minutes of exercise. you’re worth it.

focus on the one thing - the process
add TEN minutes every day

a recent study showed “adding 10 minutes of mall-pace striding per day resulted in significantly improved heart strength and general fitness. then it becomes easier to increase your workout time and improve your physical fitness.

detOx | O = original. become the Original you again.

create the Original you again by creating some new habits and dropping those bad ones.

let’s start with your “fat” screen. I call it the “fat” screen (and not flat screen) because this “fat” screen is where you and your family get fat.

detoxify yourself from your addictive binges. to find the Original you, drop those bad habits. like your addictive Netflix binges (zombie movies, house of cards) and that NBA game. or call of duty, doom, or whatever game.

you sit in front of your “fat” screen, eat, binge, and train your children to do the same. we all do too much of this. time wasted in front of some electronic device. turning your mind and body into jello.

watch a few minutes (3:24) of fitless humans (Pixar wall-e). and see for yourself. what “fat” screens are doing to you.

  • love yourself enough.
  • love your children enough.
  • replace your “fat” screen binges with something worthy of you.
  • you’re worth it.

replace this “fat” screen time…

…with TEDTalks. something that will feed your mind and your soul. something that will challenge you.

I must ask you: what “zombie principle” (walking dead) have you used this week in your business or raising children?

start a habit of watching TEDTalks and some valuable documentaries on Netflix, amazon video, or other video service.

this is your choice to detoxify your brain. all within your direct control. simple, but not easy. but you’re reading this because you want to change. you want to re-discover you. the Original you. the Original you that your creator wants you to be. not some one else’s version of you created by your “fat” screen binges.

I understand the pain in changing. this is a painful change for me, too. i’m your guide, and your fellow journeyer – walking beside you.

your children and your grandchildren deserve a better you. and an Original you. you deserve this. you’re worth the change.

detoX | x = the “X” factor that winners use.

= the “X” factor.

detoxify the internal you by hiring a spiritual coach.

find a real hard-nosed spiritual trainer. a trainer that will not tolerate your whining. not a “comfort dog” spiritual trainer that promises you a safe place when you’re under stress. but someone who can move you forward spiritually.

hire a tough spiritual trainer

someone who has the courage (and someone you allow to) let you see the real you. allows you to feel the pain. and show you some ugly truths about your life.

love yourself. get the “X factor.”

you’re worth it.

if you really want to detoxify your life, you will find a spiritual trainer. this is the “X factor” that people at the top of their game have.

everyone that I respect is using this “X factor.”

and you can complement your “X factor” with a phone app that provides spiritual resources. and while you’re at it. delete some of those other time-wasting game apps on your phone. if you want to detoxify your life in 2017.

DETOX in 2017 with four simple steps.

  • DElete those toxic friends.
  • Ten more minutes of exercise every day.
  • Original. become the Original you again.
  • X factor.

get the “X factor.” detoxify your life in 2017.

remember, i’m your guide, not the ultimate expert. i’m with you on this journey. it’s simple. sometimes painful. but you can do it.

love yourself. detox in 2017.

you’re worth it.

tell me how it’s going for you in the comment section below.

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