what if ?

what if?

what if you had enough courage to make…

  • the right decisions?
  • those radical decisions?
  • those misunderstOOd decisions? 
  • that particularly unpopular decision? 

… and with zero fear about what others think of you?

What Others Think No Longer Matters
live by a miSSion statement that makes you fearleSS

what if you had enough courage to…

…to make those unpopular decisions. regardless.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you…

… put FIRST things FIRST? I mean really put first things first. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you chose a timeless miSSion statement (like the most important coMMandment) and lived by it? daily. every day. with no fear. just lived by a miSSion statement. and treated this miSSion like the core value of your life. regardless. living without fear.

and what if this core value defined you? and guided your decisions? ? ALL of your decisions? ALL decisions great and small.

could you be reaLLy free ?

what if this core value EVEN defined your business life ?

if you did this, could you be free? reaLLy free? internally free?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what about those annoying outcome goals?

or would you still be held hostage by your outcome goals? you know, those demanding corporate goals, and other outcome goals and expectations forced upon you.

those goals forced on your by your employer, your church, and yucky “guilt goals” imposed on you by your parents (or your inner parents). goals like you need to have a specific professional career defined by an advanced degree and a certain income.

let’s talk more about your outcome goals.

outcome goals DEMAND that you produce a specific number of widgets every hour. and widgets come in many shapes and sizes. widgets can be products, phone calls, number of words written, applications, sales, patient appointments. you get the idea.

outcome goals are what average people calls goals, but these goals feel like a noose progressively tightening around your neck. and make it difficult for your true spirit to breathe. especially if these outcome goals conflict with your core values. 

that is, the pressure of outcome goals makes it difficult to breathe. unless you have a clear mission statement and process goals. to guide your outcome goals.

less stress and more passion, yes 

what if? what if your core values guided all of your goal setting processes?

the result would be much less stress in your life. and much more passion about achieving your goals.

and less stress in your life and more passion in your life would become obvious to others.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

now a word about your process goals

coaching and process goals
guys, here’s the next play – the process

let’s look at a typical outcome goal. like a weight goal. many people focus on one goal – the number of pounds at the end of the weight goal. 

how about taking a different path to weight loss. and call it weight management or a healthy lifestyle strategy. let’s use the “process goal” concept instead of focusing on just an outcome goal. instead of focusing on just one number.

the process goal is a goal that allows (challenges) you to change. and allows you to focus on creating a healthy process. 

and the process goal does not put you in the position of either “win or lose.” win if you reach that magical number. or lose if you miss the magical number. process goals eliminate that constant “start-stop-fail-repeat” cycle of just focusing on one number. just one metric. 

the process goal also gives you a strategy to achieve future successes. this gives you a template that you can use again. in another arena of your life. this gives you a successful and recyclable template.

for example, instead of focusing on just weight loss (an outcome goal), how about focusing on a process goal that challenges you to change your relationship with food. and to change your relationship with your body. and challenges you to change your lifestyle. a process goal that challenges you to change your lifestyle to honor your body and your total health – physical and spiritual.

and treat your body like you would a high performance auto. and care for it like it needs to last for a lifetime. focus on the process of self-care. but not just weight loss. focus on the process of honoring your body daily. with better nutrition. and with better lifestyle habits.

what if? what if you thought of your body as spiritual and physical. connected and inseparable. just like the bible says. and you thought of your body like a temple created to honor your creator. and what if? what if you show respect to your creator by the way you treat your physical and spiritual body? as a lifestyle. not just a simple weight loss goal.

Show respect for your own body. That’s the way you show respect for your creator. This puts a “weight goal” into a different perspective. This becomes a lifestyle. No longer a simple, one-time goal. 

eat to live. not …

instead of living to eat. let’s eat to live. instead of losing a specific number of pounds by this june. or by christmas.

instead of extreme focus on an outcome goal, process goals challenge you to create a healthier lifestyle (physical and spiritual and emotional) with better health (a core value) as your criteria for all of your lifestyle habits. and this new core value encourages you to create new habits (new processes) that can be taught and caught by those you love – like your children. and grandchildren.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

lead by example from the front

you then choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

and you lead. by example. from the front.

Your son needs to see you lead - by example - from the front.
leading – by example – from the front

they will notice when you make some critical lifestyle changes. in fact, you may be surprised. your children (and grandchildren) will support and encourage you in your lifestyle changes.

and as you lead, they may choose to follow. if what they see becomes attractive to them.  

but you must lead. first. by example and from the front. 

show respect for your creator

instead of losing weight, start living today like your body and your spirit are connected. with a purpose. and your body is a reflection of your creator and your value system.  losing weight is about lifestyle, not just pounds. losing weight is about how much you value yourself. and being fit is about showing respect for your body and for your creator.

and you do not need to weigh yourself every week. just create a process for a healthier lifestyle. and you can win everyday. and when you fail, you can restart everyday. (fall down seven times; get up eight.) your entire focus is on the process, not the outcome.

your focus becomes showing respect for your creator – via your body AND your lifestyle. 

you may achieve even more

if you trust the process, you will achieve your outcome goals. and you may achieve even more than what you wanted.

what if? 

you spent leSS time in front of the FAT scrEEn 

here’s a suggested lifestyle change.

process goals (guided by a miSSion statement) will allow you to create an exercise routine. and i challenge you to spend less time (or even better, zero time) in front of your flat screen.

it’s not a flat screen. it’s really a FAT screen.

i call it the “FAT scrEEn.” because that’s where you get FAT.

embrace your proceSS goals 

change and embrace your process goals.

and your process goals will embrace and change you. forever.

let’s say that again. change and embrace your process goals. and…

let your process goals embrace and change you. FOREVER.

have you ever noticed how an outcome goal becomes LESS motivating the closer you come to achieving that goal. outcome goals lose their power and motivation once we reach the goal. and we quickly forget the process. how sad.

and you get to gain weight again. quickly.

because you just had an outcome goal, and not a process goal. 

you focused on your weight. and not on the lifestyle change.

start – stop – fail – repeat 

the result is: the average person starts and fails at a diet plan four time per year. they fail FOUR TIMES per year. because they do not have a clear process goal attached to their core values. and this process of repeated failure reinforces their failures. and reinforces their internal expectation to fail.

it a psychological plan for a lifetime of failure. 

what if ?

…if you changed your goal system?

…if you focused instead on a life miSSion statement? 

…if you did this, could you be free? reaLLy free? internally free?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

medicare insurance florida
are you held hostage by … ?

or are you held hostage by…? 

…goals that demand that you must reach a certain income, live in that prestigious zip code, and drive the right “status” vehicle, and earn your MBA degree before age 30?

and be sure to earn that MBA from the right university.

or could you live better with goals guided by a clear miSSion statement?

what is medicare
what if you lived (ALL of your life) by a miSSion statement?

i mean a miSSion statement (a core value) that defines how you choose and set goals. and guides you to create priorities (and lifestyle changes) to reach those goals.

how's your brand image
da main rule

a mission statement that is simple. a value statement that is this clear. that says the main rule is… ??? click here. below in hawai’i pidgin.

(1) Get love an aloha (love, peace, and compassion) fo da Boss yoa God, wit all yoa heart, an wit everyting inside you, an wit how you tink, an wit all yoa power.

(2) Get love an aloha (god in us) fo da odda guy jalike you get love an aloha fo yoaself.

No mo odda Rule, mo importan den dis two Rules.

Mark 12:29-31 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

and keep the main thing. the main thing.

what’s the point?

could you honor your process goals? these process goals are the goals that drive you to get things done. your normal outcome goals just add pressure and often decrease your productivity. outcome goals often defeat their purpose (like earn that MBA degree to enhance your career while you study every night, gain weight and isolate from your growing family).

sounds counterproductive to me. destroy your body and lose your family – so you can earn an MBA. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

when outcome goals become our master

some outcome goals defeat their purpose with this added pressure. some outcome goals defeat their purpose because of the shortcuts you take and the compromises you make to achieve your outcome goals.

achieve your goals? at what cost? 

in business, we are forced to sell more. regardless. damaging our brand image and brand equity while we take shortcuts. and tell half truths to clients. and become less authentic and less transparent everyday.

look at the U.S. political system

take a hard look at the compromises made and the  “selling” in politics.

look at the U.S. political system. the politician’s outcome goal is to be elected and re-elected. and to keep constituents happy. at any cost. and in the process, he/she compromises truth and transparency. loses integrity. all to achieve an outcome goal. this is what happens when you live without a clear mission statement.

what if ? 

what if you embraced the concept that you are a spiritual being on a journey? during your spiritual journey, you just happen to occupy a physical body?

and don’t worry. spiritual beings can enjoy great success with careers and family and cars and homes. but…

what if you decided to achieve everything using a clear mission statement. and your mission became so clear that you use your mission statement as a litmus test to evaluate EVERY decision you make?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you always ask?

you always ask, “does this decision meet the criteria of my mission statement?” is this decision consistent with my mission statement? what if you always ask this question before you make a final decision. on ALL things GREAT and SMALL? 

  • if this new idea fits my core values, the decision is “yes.”
  • if not, the answer is “no.”
  • simple and quick.

what if you decided to discover what is true about you? using proven standards?

what if you hired a spiritual guide to walk you through this process?

hire a spiritual guide ? what ? yes, i said “hire a spiritual guide.” 

and develop a one-to-one relationship with your spiritual guide.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you focused on…

focus on the process
what if? you JUST focused on the proceSS?

… focused on this process? and not the outcome?

what if you focused on the process? and you focused on principles. and positive personal changes. what if you exercised some patience with this process?

quality, long-lasting changes don’t come after a few short microwavable actions. you won’t change 30-year habits with one 30-second (or 30 day) action.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you walked down the path leSS traveled? 

what is true
the path that your skeptics WILL criticize

and what if you entrusted the results of all of your goals to your creator? oh no. now we’re getting spiritual. and walking down a path less traveled. also called the “path uncomfortable.” the unpopular path. the path that your skeptics will criticize publicly. and LOUDLY. 

and know this. you will feel like you are walking alone sometimes.

but what about things that last. and maTTer?

what if you framed your entire life and career around concepts that last? and refused to accept any compromises?

this doesn’t mean that you stop working. and achieving.

it does mean as you change your attitude and approach towards tasks. then your value system changes.

and you leave the results to your creator.

yes, i just said, “let go. let god.” straight from my last 12-step meeting.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you focused on… 

Your son needs these things from his father
what if you focused on things that REALLY maTTer?

… on what really maTTers?

…like the 3 things your son nEEds from his father?

…BEFORE it’s too late. 

what if you focused on your “someday goals.” goals like. someday i’ll spend more time with my children. and then you may discover that your someday goals change.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if your “someday goals” change to …

your someday goals change to today’s goals and today’s realities. what if? instead of your normal 12 hour work day. you come home and re-introduce yourself to your sons. and throw the football in the back yard before supper. and wash dishes with your sons. and play CandyLand for 2 hours with your youngest son. what if?

daniel on motorcycle 400 x 300
what if you took him motorcycle shopping FOR NO REASON

grandpa, what if? what if you learned how to play CandyLand?

or learned how to play MineCraft with your 10-year-old grandson? 

what if? you started working on your spiritual goals. no, not more tasks and projects assigned by your church. you know, those tasks that go on your project list. goals assigned to you by your church. no, not another church project.

but what if your new focus were to become a spiritual guide to one guy. and, eventually, several guys. one at time. just like we saw this process in the bible. this process was very clearly outlined in the bible.

like 2 Timothy 2:2 in Hawai’i Pidgin.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if?

and what if you become the spiritual guide (the spiritual example) to the ones who matter most?

and what if you sought spiritual leadership? for yourself. and you hired a spiritual coach. (you already have a fitness coach) and what if you met with your spiritual coach once or twice a week? so you could both stay on track. what if?

i know if you’ve read this far, you are seriously considering changing. writing new core values. taking the road less traveled. the path uncomfortable.

i know you’re pausing here to think a little.  and doubt a little.

you’re challenging the sense of this whole thought.

i know you’re skeptical.

here’s a critical question.

if not now, then when?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you put FIRST… ?

what is medicare
what if you put FIRST things FIRST?

… put FIRST things FIRST? I mean really put first things first. 

now. pause.

think about it. first things first.

now look again at the man resting on the red question mark. it’s decision time. that’s you. what if? you reaLLy put first things first.

what if your spiritual life came first? really first. what if you did that? how would that look. you’re normally on your morning run at 6:00 a.m. BUT NOW you read something (anything – just to start) spiritual at 5:30 a.m. and now you’re processing and thinking and praying about this information while you’re running at 6:00 a.m.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you started this now? today.

and what if? at night you replaced all of your worthless late night NetfFlix time and gaming time (in front of your FAT scrEEn) with something worthwhile. like expanding your mind and watching several TEDTalks (ideas worth spreading) before you retire at night.

watching with you spouse and your children. encouraging new thinking. and creating new process goals. new habits.

from my experience, i can say, “WOW !!!” this is changing the way i think. and the quality of my sleep. and dreams.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if you changed. EVERYthing? 

how's your brand image
what if you changed your night time routine?

and you let these new ideas (from TEDTalks) process in your mind at night. instead of your steady diet of violence consumed every night via NetFlix. and other in-your-home violence providers.

what if you set a beTTer example?

what if? how would this change your sleep and dreams and thinking? and how would this change your sons and daughters by the example you are setting? what if you made these changes?

if not you, then who?

if not now, then when? 

what if you hired a spiritual coach…

  • to coerce you?
  • to persuade your?
  • to change your world?
  • to help you make these changes?
  • to embarrass you into some radical changes?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

why change now? because…

friday worked late 404x404
why change now? because …

… no one ever reminisces about the friday that they worked late!!! or the weekends that they worked. the dance recitals you missed. the soccer games, the swim meets, or the special days at school that you missed.

on the other hand? 

what if you don’t change? what if you choose NOT TO CHANGE. what if you continue to focus on only the outcome goals imposed by your business and church and your personal environment?

and what if you continue to binge on mindless t.v. time and gaming time at night? in front of your “Fat Screen.” what if you continue to destroy your mind and body?

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

what if?

in 20 years …

what if? you make no changes. how will your life look. and feel. in 20 years from now?

i died on december 31st
someday goals – why not NOW ?


what scares you more?

is it the change?

or the results of no change? 

i am most afraid of no change.

it’s your move. you get to choose. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

[ end of “what if ?”  blogpost ]