Be moMMie meSSy. Not Pinterest-Perfect. Just say NO.

Just say NO …

… to holiday craZZineSS.

Be moMMie meSSy. Not Pinterest-Perfect. Just say NO.

Just say “no” to holiday craZZineSS.

The holiday season can bring out the BEST in us. AND the craZZiest in us. We experience the BEST by watching how we care for the homeless during the holiday season. With meals and gifts.

And we see the worst and the craZZiest in the Black Friday subhuman behavior.  Black Friday, you know, that American tradition which reveals the dark retail underbelly of American greed and excess.

Just search YouTube for the latest WalMart Black Friday video. Click here.

I just have four things to say about the holiday craZZineSS.

  1. It’s not your fault.

  2. Be lazy. Be smart. Buy online.

  3. Say “no” to Pinterest-Perfect cOOkies.

  4. Say “yes” to a meSSy Christmas Tree.

Have a meSSy Christmas. Just say NO to Pinterest-Perfect.
Have a meSSy Christmas. Just say NO to Pinterest-Perfect.

1.) It’s not your fault.

We just mentioned the craZZineSS of Black Friday at WalMart.

Let’s refocus now. Not on WalMart. Let’s get personal.

i cancelled black friday
Cancel Black Friday at Wal-Mart 

Let’s talk about YOUR family.

How much of your holiday craZZiest is self-induced craZZiest ?

The answer is simple – ALL OF IT. You are responsible for ALL of your holiday craziest.

But just like in the movie, Good Will Hunting, where Robin Williams keeps saying to Will, “It’s not your fault. It’s NOT your fault. It’s NOT YOUR FAULT.” [link to video clip]

It’s NOT REALLY YOUR FAULT. It’s my fault. Blame it on me – the baby boomer who raised you. Yes. This is one you CAN BLAME on your parents.

But, now, you get to change the madneSS.

Just say “no” to the holiday madness. Just say “no” to the traditions that don’t work for your family. Including your crazy busy schedule. And your demanding expectations of the holiday season.

2.) Be lazy. Be Online-Smart.

Grandpa says, "It's OK. You're worth it."
“You’re worth it.”

By now, I hope that you have already replaced Black Friday with Couch Comfortable Amazon Prime.

Just say “no.” Just say, “If I can’t buy it online and have it delivered for FREE, I will not buy it.”

It’s a simple and easy decision.

There is nothing that a retail store has. That I want so much that I am willing to sacrifice my sanity to drive, park, shop, fight, stand in line, and buy at a retail location. And risk my life driving in Orlando / Chicago / Springfield traffic. I will not trade my sanity for a gift.

This shopping obsession is the civilian equivalent of self-induced retail PTSD. 

Just say “no” to retail madneSS. Case in point. Yesterday, I had razor blades delivered to my residence via Amazon. Ah-h-h, Amazon Prime – God’s gift to the lazy, the smart, and the tired (wise) elderly generation with our canes and walkers.

You can do this, too. Embrqce the techno tool specially designed for the meSSy moMMies. Those Online-Smart moMMies.

You, too, could be Amazon-Lazy. And Online-Smart.

Be moMMie meSSy (more about moMMie meSSy later) AND moMMie smART. Shop Amazon and let the elves at Amazon do the driving.

Just say NO to …

3.) NO to Pinterest-Perfect anything.

Be moMMie meSSy. Not Pinterest-Perfect.

You know those PERFECT cookies shaped like Santa Claus with embedded computer chips that sing Jingle Bells when you eat them. Just say “no.”

Because the Pinterest-Perfect moMMie that designed and created those cookies DOES NOT REALLY EXIST. At least, not on this globe. No mom working outside the home and raising children does things Pinterest-Perfect and lives to tell about it.

Forget the Pinterest-Perfect anything.

Settle for the moMMie meSSy version. And less streSS. The same applies to the annual cOOkie exchange that your mother taught you.

Forget that cOOkie exchange.

It’s not your fault.

You get to change. Not exchange.

I’m giving you permission to abandon some of the time-intensive madneSS. Instead. Create some rOOm.

Leave a hole in your schedule so you can relax.

Read a book after the children are in bed. Drop that annual Christmas Cookie Exchange. Just say “no.” Don’t bake cookies.

4.) Say “yes” to a meSSy Christmas.

Create your own traditions. Get your own tree. Make a WHOLE DAY

It's a family thing - cutting the tree down in the forest
It’s a family thing

of tree cutting. And get the imperfect tree.

Settle for imperfect decorations thrown on the tree by your 3-year-old — having fun. And do not try to decorate your Christmas Tree using the perfect picture saved to your phone.

That perfectly decorated tree was designed by a full time Christmas Tree Decorator. The picture was taken by a professional photographer. And then the picture was photo shopped to perfection. And (if there is no mess) no children were involved.

Lose the streSS. Make a meSS.

Just say “no.” And decorate like the Simpsons not Ozzie and Harriet.

Have a meSSy Christmas. Just say NO to Pinterest-Perfect.
Have a meSSy Christmas. Just say NO to Pinterest-Perfect.

Lose the streSS. Make a meSS.

Create a ginger bread house from a kit that you bought on Amazon. Click here to get a gingerbread house from Amazon.

And let your children build an imperfect ginger bread house like “The House That Jack Built.”

Say “no” to Christmas madneSS.

  • Shop online. Be an Amazon-Smart moMMie.
  • Say “no” to Pinterest-Perfect cOOkies.
  • And say “yes” to your first REAL meSSy Christmas.

Grandpa says, “It’s OK.”

we cancelled the excessive spending
just say NO to Christmas craZZineSS – more meSS and less streSS

More meSS. Less streSS. 


You are worth it.