Moblie APPs control your children and…

MOBILE APPs control the way your children think.

Mobile APPS control:

  • your children’s behavior
  • their buying decisions, and 
  • the mental tapes in their heads – 40 years from now.

  • If you’re a doubter, keep reading.
  • You’re wrong.
  • Just keep reading. 

And did you know that ONLY 1 out of 5 mobile apps qualifies for …

… a “4 Canes Up Rating” on GrandpAPP’z Exclusive Seal of APProval List?

 Let me explain why this is …

… important to you and me. As parents, we try to monitor our children’s (grandchildren’s) activities, their friends, their T.V. programs, and some of the websites they visit.

  • If you don’t do this, I recommend that you start today.
  • So we monitor much of their technology and T.V. and YouTube.
  • But I asked myself, how well do I know their game apps ?
  • Those noisy and annoying games on their phones.
  • We don’t  know these apps very well.
  • Not very well at all. Sad but true.

My next question is …

… is there a rating system for apps that a parent or grandparent can trust ?

Answer: Not a rating system that satisfies this picky grandpa.

  • Are apps shaping the future of your children ?
  • And our future communities ?

I’ll answer with a question. If you are a baby boomer, can you finish this advertising jingle ? Winston tastes good like a … ?”

Winston tastes good like a … cigarette should. You have not heard this jingle in 42 years (since 1972), and ALL baby boomers can still sing this cigarette jingle. Marketing firms are betting millions and BILLIONS of dollars that these games apps are influencing our children’s thought patterns and behavior. For the next 40 + years ! And these marketing firms will win that bet. These apps will control the thinking and behavior of your children for the next 40 years and more. 

MOBILE APPs will dominate the way our children think and behave.

  • Mobile apps are the new Saturday morning cartoons. Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons with toy commercials and cereal ads? These cartoon programs controlled what our children demanded from us and what we bought for them.
  • Mobile apps are shaping the way our children think and how our children make decisions. 

daniel and libby 300x225 green borderJust this morning my 4 year old grandson …

… Daniel, wanted to show his classmates the sharks on his new and coolest mobile app – Hungry Shark Evolution. Within 4 to 5 seconds, Daniel had the undivided attention of 11 of his classmates. Immediately there was lots of lively conversation and jockeying for the best position [pushing and shoving] to see the Hungry Shark Evolution app on grandpa’s phone. At the end of this commotion, the teacher was glad to see the phone AND his grandpa leave the classroom.

  • So, yes, what a 4 year old hears and sees for more than 6 hours per week (drive time with grandpa) DOES SHAPE the way he thinks and sees his world.
  • And, yes, we need a sensible rating system created by a parent and NOT by the entertainment industry. And NOT a rating system developed by our government.

So I am starting an app rating system for you today.

Introducing the premiere release of GrandAPP’z 4 Cane Rating System for Kidz Appz. ”

Here’s how it works.

  • Grandpa rates apps from 1 to 4 with 4 being the best rating and 1 being the worst rating.
  • And the dreaded “Crossed Canes – !-X-!” rating is the VERY BADDEST and demands an INSTANT UNINSTALL from your mobile device.
  • So “4 Canes Up or 4-!!!!” is the best rating and “1 Cane Up or 1-!” is the lowest rating.

GrandpAAP’z Rating System applies the following user experience parameters:

  • fun meter rating
  • user engagement
  • background music
  • game sounds
  • # of pop ups
  • educational value

These results are NOT based on some double-blind scientific study. Because if we researched an app THAT thoroughly, the life of the scientific study would OUTLAST the effective life of the app. Remember, Flappy Birds lasted just two (?) weeks.

daniel and ely 400x300 black borderThis new and innovative rating system …

… is purely subjective based on 6.25 hours per week of active observation and study of a 4 year old avid user (Daniel) who is a consumer of “all things gamified and appified.” I also sought some expert advice from two other seasoned app users and kid statisticians – an 8 year old grandson and an 11 year old grandson.

Now enjoy the FIRST EDITION of “GrandpAPP’z 4 Cane Rating System for Kidz Appz.”

The following apps have qualified for GrandpAPP’z Seal of APProval starting with the One Cane Up 1-! APPz.

The following One Cane Up 1-! APPz are educational apps designed to help with counting and learning the alphabet. They are rated only One Cane Up 1-! because they failed to fully engage our demanding user for more than several minutes.

  • Tiki Bear Phonics
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games
  • Counting Number
  • Preschool Learning Fun
  • Sight Words

mobile apps for kidsThe next group is …

… rated as Two Canes Up 2-!! due to some annoying sounds which create a less than pleasant driving experience for the adult. And, besides, who really wants an app that teaches your children to belch and fart ? I don’t. They learn that behavior quickly enough from their older brothers and friends without the help of an app.

  • Talking Tom
  • Talking Ben
  • MineCraft PE

Now for some Three Canes Up 3-!!! APPz.

Bible Mobile App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids needs some work on its gamification elements.

But it is still a great app and remains on GrandpAPP’z Recommended APPz List.

Three Canes Up 3-!!! APPz

  • Bible App for Kids
  • Angry Birds

And the ONLY Four Canes Up 4-!!!! Mobile APP for this week is:

Hungry Shark Evolution

yikes-dax-300-x-388 4canes upHungry Shark Evolution is totally engaging with pleasant music and game sounds and some educational value.

When our app user, Daniel, is asked what he likes about Hungry Shark; he replies, “I like the Great White Shark. He eats jellyfish.” That’s a candid testimonial from a dedicated user.

In the future, please recognize ONLY the [Official] GrandpAPP’z Seal of APProval.

  • Accept no substitute systems.  
  • You have no time to second guess quality APPz for you children.

Agree or disagree with GrandpAPP’z 4 Canes Up Rating System ? Let us know.

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